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Friday, March 27, 2009


Citing lack of funding, San Diego County officials have indicated that the lease of two CL-415 aircraft to fight fires in the region will probably not be implemented again this year; followed by an article from Northern California that examines a report on fuels and wildfire management. In Montana, officials are considering how best to build roads into areas ravaged by wildfires in 2000; but Florida firefighters had to quickly deal with a wildfire that spread to 12 acres, threatening homes in its path. Wildfires are causing losses in India's cashew plantations. Discussion on what to do with timber stands in bushfire-ravaged regions of Australia is ongoing; while, in a sign of the difficult financial times, the government officials had to cut the pay raise offered to those who helped victims of the Victoria bushfires. In order to speed funding for restoration of bushfire-ravaged areas (and to provide a tax write-off for donors), the government has officially declared the Black Saturday bushfires a disaster. Bushfires are still cropping up in New South Wales, Victoria, and elsewhere in Australia, as the next article shows. The Australian Prime Minister expressed his gratitude for the assistance of American firefighters during the Victoria bushfires. Communications failures seems to be the theme that is repeated again and again in the bushfire hearings; and there appears to be another communications failure with officials, where some friction has developed between the bushfire recovery organization and local governments. Discussions about the bushfire promotional campaign are ongoing with the Australian government; and a substantial reward has been offered by authorities interested in catching the arsonist involved in a 2002 bushfire. And finally, a volunteer firefighter had a little trouble with a blowtorch at his house!

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