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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Our first article today examines the US Forest Service's efforts to gather ideas on post-fire management of Northern California's Chips Fire burn area in Plumas and Lassen counties (1); while the Oregon Smoke Management Office will be regulating the frequency of 15,000 acres of controlled burns in and around the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest (2). US Forest Service continues to investigate the origins of a 363-acre wildfire that burned in New Mexico's Carson National Forest (3); but Bastrop County, Texas, will use a portion of $1.4 million in federal funds to replant wildfire-ravaged Bastrop State Park (4). Montana's Bitterroot National Forest may require some additional time to release their plans for dealing with motorized traffic due to delays caused by an extended fire season (5); something Gallatin National Forest touched upon when it reminded visitors that the fire season isn't over there yet (6). Hurricane Sandy's winds continue to stir up wildfires in Georgia (7); and a bit to the south, cold, dry winds are also elevating the wildfire danger in Jacksonville, Florida (8). Spain's Canary Islands once again hosted a forest fire on the fire ravaged island of Tenerife (9). A new study titled "Senior Leadership in Times of Crisis" paints an ominous picture of leadership shortfalls in the Australian Capital Territory (10); but an ACT firefighter who died battling bushfires at Marysville, Victoria, in 2009 is being honored posthumously with a Black Saturday medal (11); and even though it's been over three years since those blazes, some people are still coping with trauma from the event (12); while Country Fire Authority firefighters, assisted by air-tankers, quickly brought a 120-hectare bushfire near Sale to full containment (13). An Erickson Air-Crane helicopter, dubbed "Malcolm" by the locals, has arrived in Sydney, New South Wales, in preparation for the bushfires of summer (14); while the National Park Service reported on the status of wildlife in the Macleay River area following bushfires there (15). Country Fire Service conducted its annual Fiery Women program as part of Bushfire Awareness Week in South Australia's Eyre Peninsula (16); which assumed greater importance as to bushfires continue to burn in that state (17). In Western Australia, firefighters have been assured that state budget cuts will not impact front-line firefighters (18); while the Tasmanian Fire Service reminded property owners about the bushfire danger during a radio segment (19). And finally, we have a fun video which highlights Tasmania's Bushfire Awareness Day 2012!

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