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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The Station Fire is now 91% contained, and full containment is expected by the weekend; even as the price tag for suppression of this fire nears the $100 million mark, and $115 million of California's $182 million wildfire-fighting budget has been tapped statewide. A panoramic view of the funeral procession for two LA County firefighters killed on the Station Fire is provided by an LA Times article. Wells Fargo has ponied up $25,000 to help the Red Cross assist people impacted by Southern California's wildfires; but the Federal Trade Commission is warning people who wish to contribute to wildfire survivors to beware of scam artists. Even though wildfires in the Inland Empire cost nearly $10 million to fight, fire managers felt they had the potential to become much worse, so the employment of costly resources like air-tankers was justified. Recycled materials used for decking and other purposes in home construction have been approved for fire hazard zones in San Diego County. Farmers Insurance will be honoring firefighters in Utah for their heroic stand protecting homes in a recent wildfire there; followed by a summary of wildfires in New Mexico, some of which have been impacted by much-needed rain. Firefighters in Montana expect to have a wildfire that began as a campfire fully contained today; while fire researchers at the University of Central Florida have come up with a virtual reality fire simulator for wildland fires. Over 3,000 acres of land has been scorched by wildfires in Ecuador; but a Greek farmer, who was suspected of starting a major wildfire that burned hundreds of acres, has been charged with arson. Firefighters from Botswana, Africa, put some of the firefighting techniques they just learned in Australia to work in recent bushfires. Malaysia has reiterated its offer to send firefighting aircraft to help neighboring Indonesia with rampant wildfires; even as foresters and fire managers are meeting in Himachal Pradesh, India, to lay plans for the next fire season. Firefighters on New Zealand's South Island have been battling wind driven bushfires. Over 600 witnesses have been identified in the case of a Black Saturday arsonist taking place in Melbourne, Australia; but 1,500 Country Fire Authority firefighters gathered in front of the Victoria parliament building to protest inadequate resources for a fire season which begins in 43 days. Australians living in suburbs and country areas of Victoria could see double-digit increases in their fire insurance, in part to recoup the losses suffered by insurance companies in the Black Saturday bushfires; however, new insurance companies moving into Australia may provide a counterbalance to rate increases by established insurers. Government officials in Victoria are counting on reassurances to the tourism industry to limit the impact of bushfire fears on the tourist trade; but Queensland is not waiting until next May to adopt new Australian bushfire building standards. And finally, New England firefighters showed how it was done in the good old days!

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