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Thursday, May 27, 2010


First up in wildfire news today, the Los Angeles Times recapped yesterday's Senate Station Fire inquiry hearings, which were convened by Senator Dianne Feinstein at the request of Congressman Schiff, the article including comments after the hearing by Los Angeles County Fire Department Assistant Chief Tripp which disputed some of US Forest Service Head Tom Tidwell's assertions about the aerial attack on the fire (1). Firefighters in the Inland Empire battled a 75 acre blaze yesterday afternoon (2); and as fire season begins, San Diegans were reminded of the precautions they should take to minimize their danger (3). CAL FIRE indicated that they were the cause of Central California's Loma Fire that cost $4 million to suppress last year (4); while in the aftermath of yesterday's Senate hearing on the Station Fire, Californians who live near the Stanislaus National Forest pondered the impact if USFS decides to repeal the ban on night flying over national forests (5). With 60 wildfires already reported this season in Washington state, most of them in the east, residents are being advised of the serious wildfire danger over the Memorial Day weekend (6); even as firefighters in Arizona were battling the Horseshoe Fire yesterday afternoon (7). Firefighters in Colorado feel they're finally getting the upper hand on a blaze which has burned over 2,500 acres (8); and a wildfire burning in northern New Mexico which has exceeded 5,000 acres is now considered to be 55% contained (9). Participants at the Texas Forest Service's Wildfire Academy got to play with some really big toys (10); while in another legacy of Senator Feinstein's hearings yesterday, Montana Senator Tester, who also sat on the panel quizzing USFS leadership, had a few questions about curbing wildfires in his state (11). Wildfire experts in Michigan are counseling that more controlled burns are needed to reduce destructive fires (12); but an Op-Ed piece from that state laments the damage done to the natural beauty by fires (13). A lightning-sparked wildfire was reported in Upstate New York yesterday (14); and firefighters in Massachusetts reported a number of small wildfires as well (15). Continued dry conditions in Alaska are causing a great deal of work for firefighters (16); including the temporary closure of the Alaska Highway (17); but Alaska State Troopers were able to escort motorists down the Highway later in the day as some lanes reopened (18). Several areas on Hawaii's Big Island will be closed for the next three months due to the fire danger (19). Four wildfires were reported in Ontario, Canada (20); and a wildfire south of Montréal, Québec, kept firefighters busy late yesterday (21); but one to the north forced the evacuation of hundreds of people living on the First Nations Reservation (22). Residents of Newfoundland and Labrador are also being reminded that forest fire season has arrived in northeast Canada (23). To the list of causes for wildfires, which includes lightning, arsonists, and compost pits, the Irish have added a new cause: farm payments! (24) Israeli wildlife officials fear that wildfires sparked by Israeli Defense Force artillery fire yesterday may do damage to wildlife preserves in the southern Golan Heights (25). Officials in the Philippines reported that forest fires have destroyed acres of fruit trees in Isabela province (26); while forest officials were implicated in a wildfire in Gurdialpura, India, in which arson was used to cover up illegal harvesting of timber (27). Lawyers for the plaintiffs have concluded the evidentiary portion of the Australia Capital Territory Supreme Court compensation hearings, prompting an adjournment until July (28). Leadership (or the lack thereof) has been cited as a serious problem in Victoria on Black Saturday by the Royal Bushfire Commission (29); but the state government's representative urged the Commission not to succumb to the practice of blaming individuals for the disaster (30). And finally, firefighters in Massachusetts responding to a call about a cat trapped in a chimney got more than they bargained for!

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