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Monday, December 27, 2010


Wildfire News of the Day leads off with the inaugural article from my new column on PCADS (Precision Container Aerial Delivery System), a system which could allow the military to become even more involved in wildland firefighting operations (1); followed by an article about the hazards of living in San Clemente, California, including the danger posed by wildfires (2). Fire authorities in New Mexico provided warnings to residents in regards to using fireworks on New Year's Eve (3); and firefighters in southeast Texas have had a busy time extinguishing debris fires as high fire danger continues there (4); but the danger is not confined just to the southeast, as the next article shows (5). The Tatanka Hotshots have been busy thinning out beetle-killed trees in South Dakota's Black Hills (6); while Florida Division of Forestry personnel are keeping an eye on the remains of several wildfires that burned over the Christmas holiday (7). As Russia's Ministry for Emergency Situations marks its 20th anniversary, the next article takes a look at the exploits of this large firefighting agency (8). In the aftermath of the 8,000-acre wildfire outside of Haifa, the next two articles show how Israel is rethinking tree planting and firefighting (9)(10); even as the Prime Minister set aside $84 million to beef up national firefighting capabilities (11). Hundreds of bushfire warning signs across Victoria, Australia, will be upgraded to be more understandable (12); while the next article profiles the Yarra Ranges fireguards (13). Many city councils in New South Wales are up in arms about proposed bushfire rate hikes which could be over 50% in some cases (14). A bushfire was reported near Donnybrook, Western Australia (15); while Queensland's fire season has been cancelled (or at least delayed) due to an abundance of rain. (16) And finally, kids are going to have to hurry if they want to slide down a pole as fire stations phase them out across the country!

(1) PCADS: A Military Solution to Wildland Firefighting

(2) In San Clemente, price of ocean views may be peace of mind

(3) Authorities warn against use of fireworks on New Year's

(4) Burn Ban Remains in Effect for Montgomery County, Cold Weather May Lead to Additional Fires as Residents Turn to Alternative Heat Sources

(5) Precautions necessary to combat severity of winter wildfire season

(6) Crew cuts bug-infested trees to protect forest cabins

(7) Crews watching smoldering remains of fires that burned 500 acres

(8) Brotherhood of rescuers

(9) Averting the next disaster

(10) Forest fire fuels review of Israel's tree-planting tradition

(11) Israeli PM pledges 84 mln USD to upgrade national firefighting services

(12) Update for fire signs

(13) When in doubt, call Yarra Ranges fireguards

(14) Levy hike on councils fires NSW Opposition

(15) Bushfire near Donnybrook

(16) Soaking 'cancels' Qld's fire season

(17) Sorry, Kids. Fire Stations Are Ditching Fire Poles

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