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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


First up in wildfire news today, Pasadena, California, is getting first-hand experience with the infamous Bark Beetle, as trees within the city are being ravaged by the little bugs. NASA will continue high-altitude research with their Global Hawk drones, which fly out of Edwards Air Force Base in California, possibly including overflights of wildfires, at which they proved valuable last year. The next five articles cover the fire danger that exists in Florida, Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico despite the onset of winter. In Gambia, Africa, wind-driven bushfires did some damage to forest preserves, and in Malaysia, the Raja Musa Forest Reserve has had problems with arson fires threatening the region, as recounted in an article that details the history of the Reserve. West Australia's forest owners have been hit with a $100 million loss due to recent bushfires, while an Op-Ed piece by the National Association of Foresters slams official guidelines as the culprit in bushfires destructive to foresters' livelihood. An out-of-control bushfire continues to threaten the environs of Melbourne in Victoria state, and New South Wales firefighters are again on alert for bushfires as high temperatures continue in the region. And finally, Australians take 'stay and defend' one step farther by providing guidelines to citizens about what to do if caught in a bushfire while on holiday in rural areas.

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