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Wednesday, December 02, 2009


In wildfire news today, the Old Fire's suspected arsonist has asked that his trial in Southern California be expedited, much to the chagrin of his defense attorney (1); but apparently lightning was the cause of a wildfire in nearby Crestline (2). As San Diego's long 2009 fire season begins to wind down, the next article takes a look back at a tense year (3); while preventative measures are being implemented in Northern California to protect communities from future wildfires (4). Next up, the BBC does a story about California's seemingly year-round fire season (5); while firefighters in Arizona had a tense situation to deal with after someone dumped burning pine needles in Prescott National Forest near some homes (6). A battle between the forest service and environmental groups is shaping up in a Colorado community over clear-cutting of timber to create firebreaks (7); but Borger, Texas, has earned the distinction of being the first Firewise city in the US (8). Technology is making it into the hands of firefighters in India, which will be equipping forest officers with PDAs to help catalogue, among other things, forest fires in a couple of tiger reserves (9); and firefighters in New Zealand had their first exposure to Fire-Trol retardant, something many hope will help protect property from bushfires there (10). PBS takes a look at the threat to Australia's natural resources from the continuing drought (11); while the capriciousness of the Black Saturday bushfires, which burned some homes, but left others untouched, was discussed at the Royal Bushfire Commission hearings (12). The tragedy of a colleague inadvertently left behind during an evacuation, only to perish in the Black Saturday bushfires, is recounted in the next article (13); but Victoria's Premier feted local government officials and others involved in the cleanup after the Black Saturday bushfires (14). Firefighters in South Australia have managed to contain a bushfire burning on the Eyre Peninsula (15); while firefighters in West Australia will be getting some additional air assets to help battle bushfires in the region (16); one of several steps that state is taking to prepare for future bushfires (17). New South Wales is bracing for more bushfires as parts of the state cope with extremely dry conditions (18). And finally, a Virginia firefighter's training paid off when he had to battle a housefire - in his own living room (19)!

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