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Monday, September 16, 2013


An editorial from the Ventura County Star thanked the aerial firefighters of the California Air National Guard's 146th Airlift Wing for their help battling wildfires in the state this year (1); a press release from Santa Barbara County Fire Department informing homeowners of common causes of wildfires as fall approaches (2); while CAL FIRE indicated that a 13 mi.² wildfire outside of Redding that destroyed 68 homes and 128 structures was fully contained yesterday morning (3); and the 3,111-acre Morgan Fire has also been completely contained (4); but in the wake of the Rim Fire, an Op-Ed piece argues that there is a need to improve forest health on federal lands throughout the state (5). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Dominick DellaSala, President/Chief Scientist of Oregon-based Geos Institute, sent along an article in which he discusses the role of wildfires in forested areas (6); the impact of wildfires on small businesses in that state being examined by the next article (7). A look at fire history in Western Washington and the potential for future wildfires there is up next (8); but to help with this situation, a University of Washington student has come up with a detailed map of wildfire-prone areas in the Pacific Northwest (9). Despite the deadly Yarnell Hill Fire and other blazes that burned 98,618 acres across Arizona this year, it has actually been one of the least active on record for that state (10); and a plan to thin 300,000 acres in four national forests across the state over the next 10 years could both reduce the wildfire danger and produce biodiesel (11); but a wildfire arsonist convicted of sparking a 5,220-acre wildfire in the Tonto National Forest in 2012 has been sentenced (12). With the award of a $416,000 federal grant, New Mexico's Alamogordo-White Sands Regional Airport will be able to handle larger air-tankers in future wildfires (13). The Idaho Department of Commerce is requesting damage estimates from businesses hit hard by wildfires this summer (14); Wildfire NOTD subscriber Jonathan Oppenheimer, Senior Conservation Associate at the Idaho Conservation League, discussing a new study he authored which shows that large portions of the Boise and Payette National Forests have burned since 1985 in the next item (15). Texas Forest Service provided some tips to homeowners on how to protect their property in East Texas (16); and two years on, an official in Bastrop takes a look at recovery efforts following the 30,000-acre Bastrop County Complex Fire (17). A 200-acre wildfire outside of Missoula, Montana, forced the evacuation of dozens of homes (18). Reduced wildfire activity in Missouri this year allowed that state to send fire crews to help on firelines in the West (19); while Arkansas Forestry Commission officials indicated that they had controlled a 600-acre wildfire in Ashley County (20); and the North Carolina Forest Service Assistant County Ranger for Caldwell County talks about fighting wildfires in Alaska and the West this summer in the next article (21). A new study of the Panama Canal area shows how trees release more nitrogen into the soil after agricultural clearance in the tropics, something that could increase recovery of tropical forests after wildfires (22). Over the past few days, the European Forest Fire Information System has reported over 20 wildfires in the nations of France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, and on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus (23); meanwhile, lightning strikes ignited seven forest fires on Russia's Sakhalin Island (24). Following a rash of bushfires in New South Wales, the Insurance Council of Australia is urging homeowners to prepare for bushfire season (25); while Rural Fire Service officials discussed bushfire preparations with residents of Clifton Grove (26); and approximately 10,000 acres were burned by a bushfire outside of Clarke Creek, Queensland (27). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Nathan Maddock, Communications Officer at Bushfire CRC, sent along a Fire Note which explains different psychological processes between individuals that drives their decision-making during a bushfire (28); but staffing reductions at Victoria's Department of Environment and Primary Industries may lead to overwhelmed bushfire information line personnel during catastrophic bushfires this season (29). Koalas impacted by bushfires on South Australia's Eyre Peninsula are having a baby boom at the Mikkirra Sanctuary (30). And finally, so few people hear emergency vehicle sirens anymore that Indianapolis Fire Department is testing an alternative: The Rumbler!

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