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Friday, September 11, 2009


The latest stats on the Station Fire in Southern California are provided in our first wildfire story today; and it turns out that some US Forest Service firefighters were among those who lost their homes in that blaze. A look at the ongoing investigation by the LA County Sheriff's Department into the arson-caused Station Fire is up next. In preparation for the memorial ceremony at Dodger Stadium tomorrow for two fallen LA County firefighters, a pair of CL-415 Super Scoopers and an LA County Fire helicopter made passes over Los Angeles today; followed by a story that underscores the importance of the old saying 'timing is everything', especially in firefighting: the Super Scoopers happened to be training off the coast of Palos Verdes Peninsula at the time a fire broke last week, allowing them to quickly snuff the blaze. In addition to the increase in insurance claims following the wildfires in Southern California, there's also been an increase in the number of quotes for auto insurance, since automobiles are sometimes left behind during fire evacuations; and a report estimates that over $235 million worth of real estate was endangered by the Station Fire. Although there's still enough water for firefighters to fight wildfires in Southern California, the next article shows that firefighting aircraft are having to fly farther to find water sources (a situation which might be helped by deployment of Water Cache Project tanks). A home-inventory software company is offering a substantial discount to California residents following the devastating wildfires in Southern California; and a wildfire that straddled the LA County/Ventura County border was quickly dealt with yesterday by firefighters. Another wildfire broke out in Banning yesterday; but unlike the tepid air attack during the early stages of the Station Fire, firefighters called in an overwhelming air assault on this one. By a vote of 4 to 1, California's Public Utility Commission soundly defeated a proposal by SDG&E to shut off power to backcountry areas of San Diego County during red flag days; but SDG&E, along with other utilities, is also seeking approval to establish a means of recovering losses due to wildfires which are not currently covered under their insurance policies. Erickson Air-Crane provides a multimedia press release about their aircraft fighting wildfires in the West in the next item; followed by a New York Times article that examines the credentials of the proposed head of US Forest Service. A small wildfire in Colorado is now believed to have been human-caused. Firefighters in Portugal are battling a number of blazes in a country that has seen twice as much wildland burn as last year. Fire agencies in Malaysia are standing by in case nearby Indonesia follows through on their request for assistance. Homeowners and firefighters who live and work on the 'front lines' of the Wildland Urban Interface in Australia share their thoughts; and an artist's concept drawing of the new urban layout of Marysville, Victoria, a town which was virtually wiped out by the Black Saturday bushfires, will go on display ahead of time to allow residents the opportunity to comment on the design. Following on the heels of Victoria's announcement of a new bushfire warning system, Tasmania has opted to implement the system as well; but the Australian Capital Territory will delay announcement of the system in their area until next week. Police and firefighters in South Australia will have greater powers to evict homeowners from properties threatened by wildfires, in the hope of averting the disaster that befell Victoria homeowners during the Black Saturday bushfires. And finally, Washington, DC, parks officials are at a loss to explain why they received almost $3 million in wildland firefighting funds!

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