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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Wildfire NOTD reader Darren Webb, Phos-Chek's Distributor for Australia & New Zealand, sent along an announcement about their LC-W product becoming available to homeowners in the southwestern US, just in time for fire season (1); while a controlled burn northeast of Fort Collins, Colorado, scorched over 200 acres after it broke containment lines (2). Firefighters in Wood County, Texas, contained a wildfire which burned between 60 and 70 acres (3); and firefighters in El Paso knocked down a large wildfire in less than an hour (4). In the aftermath of a 150-acre wildfire outside of Rapid City, South Dakota, local fire officials are counseling that residents take steps to prepare for future wildfires (5). A number of wildfires have burned thousands of acres in northern Montana (6); where Firewise workshops will be offered by two fire departments (7). A wildfire in Viola, Missouri, burned between 400 and 500 acres, destroying a trailer in the process (8). Fire officials in Western Massachusetts worry about the wildfire hazard posed by storm debris (9); however, they successfully conducted over 100 acres of prescribed burns in Myles Standish State Forest (10). Connecticut's "one hour fuel" spring wildfires are examined by the next article (11). Wildfires were reported in Brunswick County, North Carolina (12); and firefighters contained a 70-acre wildfire burning in Marion County, South Carolina (13). A wind-driven wildfire forced evacuations near Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada, yesterday (14); and a regional forestry officer in the African nation of Gambia has kicked off an anti-bushfire campaign (15). The impact of wildfires on India's medicinal plants industry is examined by the next article (16); while the ongoing drought in Thailand contributed to a wildfire which broke out in Mae Hong Son Province (17). Australian environmentalists are up in arms about plans to begin logging in Toolangi, northeast of Melbourne, Victoria, because of the impact on the endangered Leadbeater's possum habitat which has already been severely depleted by the Black Saturday bushfires (18); and a 20-hectare bushfire burning near Framlingham was assaulted from the ground and the air by Country Fire Authority (19); while the state government is being lobbied to extend the bushfire buyback program to homes in the Dandenongs (20). In Western Australia, the Augusta-Margaret River Shire Council is seeking funds from the Department of Environment and Conservation to help restore areas hard hit by an out-of-control prescribed burn ignited by DEC last year (21); even as Opposition figures in the government are asking those who petitioned the Keelty Commission about wildfire losses to send those letters to emergency services leadership (22). And finally, a supermarket chain in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is going the extra mile to help a wildfire-ravaged farm recover!

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