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Monday, March 07, 2011


Arizona's state forester is arguing for thinning programs statewide to reduce the wildfire danger (1); while residents of Flagstaff are asking the US Forest Service to ban campfires in the Coconino National Forest after last year's Schultz Fire, which was sparked by an abandoned campfire, devastated the area (2). A wildfire that was reported in Arizona's Coronado National Forest is now 80% contained (3); but wildfire devastation along the Colorado River near Yuma is offering the opportunity to reseed the area with native species after the invasive types were burned out (4). An editorial from Idaho charts the course of US Forest Service in the hundred years since the Weeks Act was instituted to protect forest land (5). A cookout to help pay the suppression costs of wildfires in Motley County, Texas, brought in thousands of dollars over the weekend (6); while a wildfire that burned 8,000 acres along the Texas-Mexico border has finally been contained (7); but the National Weather Service has issued wildfire warnings for northern and western Texas for the next couple of days (8). Louisiana has seen an upsurge in the number of forest fires that blazed through the state in the first two months of this year: 434 versus only 213 in 2010 (9); followed by an article that takes another look at the Weeks Act's legacy on Western North Carolina's national forests (10). A forest owner in McIntosh County, Georgia, lost some valuable timber stands as a wildfire burned about 100 acres (11). A summary of wildfires burning in Florida is provided by the next article (12); where Interstate 95 has reopened after being briefly closed again due to smoke from the nearby Iron Horse Fire obscuring visibility (13); while the Formidable Footprint Wildfire Exercise will provide useful training for emergency personnel in dealing with wildfires in Wakulla County (14). Among the thousands of volunteers who are helping rehabilitate Israel's Mount Carmel Forest which was devastated by a wildfire, five professional foresters from the Czech Republic are profiled in the next article (15). Wildfires were reported in India's Brindavanpur and Chapri forests over the weekend (16); and another in Malaysia burned 19 hectares of forest land before firefighters and a rainstorm brought the fire under control (17). A new study unveiled at the Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society conference revealed that the number of volunteer firefighters in Victoria has declined markedly from a peak in the 1970s (18); where a wildfire in Mount Richmond National Park was apparently sparked by a controlled burn that got out of hand (19); that fire, having burned over 570 hectares, is now threatening several communities (20). Motorists in Western Australia have been warned about smoke from a bushfire near Banjup-Jandakot obscuring visibility on a nearby highway (21). And finally, the captain of the US Forest Service's Big Bear Hot Shot crew was honored with a vibrant memorial service that celebrated his Native American heritage!

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