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Monday, August 02, 2010


A pair of small wildfires by Southern California freeways kept firefighters busy yesterday afternoon (1); while dozens of Orange County firefighters who were among the 3,000 battling the Bull and Crown fires north of LA are returning home (2); and with the Bull Fire 95% contained, roads are being reopened in Sequoia National Forest (3). A 230-acre wildfire burning east of Ukiah is being battled by 300 firefighters from multiple agencies supported by bulldozers and air-tankers (4); but CAL FIRE firefighters quickly contained a one-acre wildfire in Northern California this morning (5); followed by a summary of wildfires burning in the region (6); including a 500-acre wildfire that was burning in the Klamath National Forest (7); and a wildfire in Plumas National Forest that burned 150 acres (8). Firefighters in Central Oregon were still battling blazes sparked by lightning last week (9); and residents of Seattle reported a 'golden glow' to the skies from wildfires burning to the east on Sunday (10); but providential rain storms sweeping through north-central Washington are quenching raging wildfires sufficiently for homeowners who have been evacuated to return (11). An article from Colorado tallies up some of the most infamous wildfire arson cases in the Western United States (12); while firefighters reacted quickly to a pair of lightning-sparked wildfires in Montana (13). An article from Montana takes a look at Neptune Aviation, which is considering the BAE-146 aircraft to replace their aging P-2Vs, with comments by Wildfire NOTD subscribers Dan Snyder, Director of Operations at Neptune Aviation, Mike Padilla, former Chief of Aviation for CAL FIRE, and Britt Gourley, CEO of Aero Union, which is looking at C-130 aircraft equipped with MAFFS-2 tank systems (14). Firefighters in Fall River, Massachusetts, battled a quintet of wildfires that threatened a local school (15). The crash of a cargo plane inside Alaska's Denali National Park has sparked a wildfire (16); with the National Park Service identifying the origin of the aircraft in the following story (17). Firefighters, apparatus, and air-tankers are pouring into British Columbia from all over Canada to help battle hundreds of wildfires burning throughout the province (18); where two pilots were killed when a Conair air-tanker crashed while battling a wildfire (19); but even as people mourn their deaths, an air-tanker pilot reflects on the thrill (and the danger) of the job (20). Some small fires have been reported in Ontario, but the wildfire season remains quiet compared to other provinces in Canada (21). A number of wildfires were reported in the southern European countries of Greece, Albania, Italy, Spain, and Portugal (22). Tactical air defense services, owners of IL-76 air-tankers, will be participating in a United Nations disaster preparedness conference taking place next week in the Crimea (23). As the death toll on the Russian wildfires reaches 40, some 300,000 acres continue to burn in western and central parts of European Russia (24); something which has spurred an increase in wheat prices (25); followed by a CNN report that provides dramatic video footage of air-tankers in action (26); even as the Patriarch of Russia's Eastern Orthodox Church has called for prayer to bring rain to stem the blazes (27). The Russian Prime Minister has asked for lists of casualties (28); and the government is already well along on plans to provide housing for 2,100 families left homeless by the wildfires (29). The Russian Emergencies Ministry plans to buy eight BE-200 firefighting aircraft over the next 2 1/2 years to help outfit three large squadrons which will be based in Central Russia, as well as Siberia and their Far East (30). Like its larger neighbors to the north (Russia and Ukraine), Georgia has had its own wildfire battles to fight (31). The Australian Royal Bushfire Commission members reflected on the human toll from Black Saturday (32); and the need to replace aging power lines was a point of discussion (33). Bushfire survivors are lobbying the Victorian Premier to have the government buy their land in high-risk bushfire zones (34); while Victorians living in Gippsland are concerned about the impact of the commission's report on their lifestyle (35); which is increasing the pressure on the Victorian government to designate more bushfire refuges (36). Homebuilders in Tasmania fear that new construction standards recommended by the Royal Bushfire Commission findings could increase the price of new homes in bushfire areas by $75,000 (37); nevertheless, Tasmania Fire Service's Chief Officer stated that bushfire preparations were, in a number of cases, the most advanced of any state in Australia (38). And finally, a story from Washington state which shows that even wildfires can't keep a good restaurant down!

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