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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The Super Scooper remains in the news in San Diego, so we lead off with a story submitted by San Diego FD Deputy Chief Brian Fennessy, followed by another from UT's Tony Manolatos. Proposition A is discussed in two articles, the latter pointing towards Orange County Fire Authority as the inspiration for this San Diego proposition. Three more articles highlight the slow rate of rebuilding one year after the fires of 2007. But if human residents are having problems finding new homes, at least a group of condors has found a roost. The threat of impending Santa Ana winds this week are a concern for fire agencies, while an archaeologist in the San Bernardino National Forest is exploring Native American attitudes towards fires. Amid the stories of policyholders being shortchanged by insurance companies, a bit of good news from the California Insurance Commissioner. Mulching of scorched areas is continuing in Northern California, and an arsonist has been charged with starting a massive wildfire in Minnesota last year that burned 75,000 acres and cost $11 million to extinguish. On the technology front, a Colorado man has created a high-tech firefighting system for home protection. Heading overseas, believe it or not, Russia is having problems with forest fires in Siberia, something one wouldn't think possible as they move into the cold and damp of autumn, while Lebanon's forest fire problems are discussed in an Op-Ed piece. Finally, two stories that show that aid agencies giveth and aid agencies taketh away.

Would Super Scooper Have Stopped The Wildfires?

Flight of the Super Scoopers

ELECTIONS: Officials seek voter support for Prop. A

Orange County Fire Authority a model for Prop. A

Fewer Than 10% Of Homes Destroyed In 2007 Fire Rebuilt

Only 9 percent of homes that were destroyed in blazes have been rebuilt

One Year Later, Rebuilding After Fires Continues

5 Condors Get New Home In San Diego

Santa Ana winds heighten fire danger

Archaeologist at San Bernardino National Forest sees plants as artifacts of Indian culture

California Recovers Nearly $13 Million Following 2007 Wildfires

Chopper Drops Straw On Fire-Ravaged Forest

Washington D.C. Man Indicted for Starting 2007 Ham Lake Fire

Grand Lake property owner invents sprinkler system that also protects against wildfire

Large area of taiga on fire in Primorye territory

Let us protect Lebanon's forests and let us make our roads safe

Los Angeles Red Cross Wildfire Relief Support

Thousands to return fire aid

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