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Friday, May 28, 2010


A plan to thin vegetation to reduce the incidence of wildfires near San Francisco ran smack into an environmental group, our first wildfire story today (1); but the mixed blessing of this year's high precipitation in Arizona and New Mexico in regards to wildfires is examined in the next article (2). Updates are provided on the Horseshoe and Yellow Jacket Fires, burning in Arizona at this time (3); even as officials at Prescott National Forest are reminding visitors of the fire danger this Memorial Day weekend (4). A wildfire that has burned over 2,500 acres in Colorado so far this week is now 70% contained (5); but with temperatures pushing into the 80s across Michigan this weekend, fire officials are warning residents about the danger from wildfires (6). A volunteer firefighter accused of setting wildfires in Pennsylvania has waived his right to a preliminary hearing (7). A railroad in Maine has been fined $12,000 to pay for suppression costs of wildfires along their right-of-way (8); this coming at a time when the Maine Forest Service is answering the call for help from Québec by dispatching firefighters to areas in that province where wildfires are still raging (9). As the wildfire near Tok, Alaska, continued to expand, additional resources from outside of that state were being considered (10); while a Wildfire Commemorative Park has been unveiled in British Columbia, Canada (11). An update on wildfire activity in Ontario is provided by the next two items (12)(13); where dozens of firefighters from British Columbia have arrived to help (14). Wildland firefighters from Canada's Yukon have arrived in Alaska to help fight blazes in the Interior (15); even as their own province imposed a fire ban due to the fire danger back home (16). Currently Québec has over 60 fires, 14 of them considered out of control (17); which required the attention of dozens of air-tankers yesterday (18); even as cities like Gatineau tightened water restrictions (19). In a follow-up to yesterday's story about a blaze started by an Israeli Defense Forces live fire practice in the Golan Heights, it seems that some ruins are also in danger from the fire (20). Plaintiffs in a $75 million bushfire compensation hearing before the Australia Capitol Territory Supreme Court are chafing at yet another delay in the proceedings (21). As the Royal Bushfire Commission hearings draw to a close, the commissioners face the daunting task of plowing through an estimated 1 million pages of testimony from which to compose a final report (22); but Victoria's Emergency Services Commissioner hopes that the Royal Bushfire Commission hearings will lead to significant changes in the way bushfires are handled (23); while at the same time exhorting his subordinates not to lose heart in the face of criticism over the handling of the Black Saturday bushfires (24). And finally, firefighters in India are employing an unusual means to educate villagers about the fire danger: puppet shows!

(1) Group sues East Bay Regional Parks over eucalyptus tree removal

(2) Wet weather delays Ariz. and NM wildfire season

(3) Chiracahua, Arivaca fires growing

(4) Prescott National Forest preaching fire safety over Memorial Day weekend

(5) SW Colo. Wildfire Now 70 Percent Contained

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(7) Firefighter charged with arson waives hearing

(8) Maine railroad fined $12k for trackside fires

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(15)Yukon crews help with Alaska wildfire

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(17) Quebec fire situation remains critical

(18) Major Que. fires force evacuation, reinforcements on the way

(19) Gatineau extends outdoor water ban

(20) Wildfire rips through Golan, scorching ancient ruins

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(23) Consistent fire approach needed: Esplin

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(25) Puppetry spreads mass awareness in protecting Uttarakhand forests

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