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Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Firefighters in New Mexico's Santa Fe National Forest will be conducting controlled burns on Wednesday, weather permitting (1); but a wildfire that burned 350 acres in southwestern Oklahoma, destroying two mobile homes and damaging several others, was apparently started by a discarded cigarette (2). In the aftermath of the wildfires which raced across the Texas Panhandle, our next article gives some data on a score of blazes (3); even as homeowners weigh in on the personal devastation in the following item (4). Despite two inches of rain towards the end of February, West Virginia's State Forester is warning residents about the wildfire danger posed by wind-driven debris burns (5); while authorities in Georgia are warning rural dwellers to keep their debris fires under control in a state in which an estimated 90% of the wildfires are sparked by out-of-control debris burns (6). An update on forest fires in several counties in Florida is provided by the next item (7); including a blaze in Brevard County that injured a firefighter (8); even as the Brevard Emergency Operations Center works to coordinate the firefighting effort (9); all despite the fact that the ground in some areas of that state are moist (10); but more rain may be on the way which could help dampen blazes still burning in several counties (11). With the advent of nesting and breeding season in Ireland, authorities are warning farmers about the dangers from wildfires after last year's disastrous blazes (12); and of the many volunteers who are helping to replant Israel's Carmel Forest destroyed by wildfire late last year, one group of Canadian students is interviewed in the next article (13). A look at how forests in the African nation of Ghana have dwindled to only 1/10 of their size a century ago due in part to wildfires is provided in the following item (14). Graphic photos from southern China show a horizon ablaze with wildfires (15); however the State Forestry Administration was able to suppress the blazes without any casualties (16). Heading to Australia, Forests New South Wales will begin controlled burns on over 4,000 ha to reduce the bushfire threat (17). And finally, firefighters in Honolulu, Hawaii, got more than they bargained for when they arrived to battle a housefire and discovered a 5' long boa constrictor waiting for them with some piranhas!

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