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Friday, September 17, 2010


The Super Scoopers saw some action over a 45-acre blaze in the Southern California community of Whittier yesterday (1); while as containment reached 70% on the Canyon Fire, which has burned 8,100 acres in Kern County, evacuees were being allowed to return home (2); but the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District is warning residents with breathing disorders of hazardous air quality due to wildfire smoke (3). The Contra Costa Fire District reported a small two-acre grass fire in a city park yesterday (4); while CAL FIRE firefighters battled a small wildfire which cut power to 200 residents of Napa County (5). In a post-op of a wildfire in Castle Rock, Colorado, it appears that the situation was more perilous than originally thought (6); and water department officials are concerned about ash from Colorado's recent wildfires impacting the quality of drinking water (7). The Hartford Financial Services Group is doing its part to support policyholders who lost their homes in the Colorado wildfires (8); while a concert benefiting firefighters and those who lost their homes in the recent wildfire in Boulder is being planned (9). Whereas sparks from wildfires can often cause house fires, firefighters in rural Colorado were afraid that sparks from a house fire might cause a wildfire! (10) The cause of a wildfire near Eagle, Colorado, has been attributed to lightning strikes (11); and a small one-acre wildfire was also reported in Lakewood this morning (12). The next article reflects on Idaho's wildfire season to date (13); while a 60-acre wildfire has been reported in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park (14). Discussions among local government leaders in the African nation of Ghana revolved around what to do about the continuing problem of deliberately-set bushfires (15). Researchers from the Korea Forest Research Institute and the Korean Forest Service received a tour of the US Forest Service's Fire Sciences Laboratory in Missoula, Montana (16). Builders and architects in Victoria, Australia, competed to provide designs for bushfire-resistant homes (17); but the impact of bushfires on wine production in that state is touched on next (18). New South Wales' Rural Fire Service is having open houses as Bushfire Awareness Week commences (19); while Airport Rescue Fire Fighters (ARFF) from the US Marine Corps got some practice battling wildfires near Australia's Royal Australian Air Force Base at Tindal in the Northern Territory (20). In the wake of an inquiry into the death of three truckers in Western Australia, some politicians are questioning whether the Department of Environment and Conservation is up to the task of protecting the public from bushfires (21); even as firefighters were conducting controlled burns near Perth (22); and $73 million was being set aside to replace aging power poles (23). And finally, if you live in Oregon and are concerned about a wildfire nearby, just tweet!

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(23) $73m to replace old power poles

(24) Oregon Department of Forestry tweets spread like wildfire

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