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Friday, March 11, 2011


A vehicle's catalytic converter is being blamed for the 1,800-acre wildfire that blazed through Silver City, New Mexico (1); but as if residents didn't already have enough to worry about after that wildfire destroyed a number of homes, now unlicensed (and unqualified) contractors are offering to help them rebuild (2). The problem millions of acres of beetle-killed trees pose for Colorado's drinking water is revisited in the next article (3); while winds could complicate the situation for firefighters in Boulder County who are battling a small wildfire (4). US Forest Service was conducting controlled burns on 1,000 acres in Texas' Sam Houston National Forest to improve the habitat there (5); but a homeowner was nearly run down by thieves attempting to steal items from his property which was burned in the recent wildfires (6). Tennessee has had a busy wildfire season, where 300 wildfires have reportedly burned 4,000 acres (7). Virginia Department of Forestry is warning homeowners not to let down their guard by thinking that recent rains have dampened the wildfire danger (8); but a debate is going on in that state over the possibility of burying power lines that run through the Occoquan Forest underground after the worst wildfires in 30 years (9). In a state which regularly sees 3,000 wildfires that burn 20,000 acres annually, South Carolina fire officials are asking the courts to stiffen wildfire penalties (10); and Canadian EMS personnel will be conducting a wildfire exercise at Black Creek, British Columbia, this Sunday (11). A British man who lit a signal fire in a Spanish forest in 2005 which led to a 5,000-acre wildfire is being ordered to pay over $14.5 million in compensation to the Spanish government (12); while India's Sanjay Gandhi National Park reported several more wildfires (13). And finally, firefighters in Arizona's Prescott National Forest performed a traditional ceremony for welcoming a new piece of apparatus into their inventory, which included breaking a bottle of champagne over the bumper!

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