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Friday, May 14, 2010


Building on their partnership from wildfires of the past, CAL FIRE and USFS combined with Navy and Marine units to conduct joint firefighting exercises in San Diego yesterday, our first wildfire story today (1); but a wildfire that scorched nearly 900 acres in the Inland Empire after being sparked by a rotary mower is finally out (2). USFS is coming under fire from Native Americans over vegetation clearance on sacred ground in California's Six Rivers National Forest (3). Fort Huachuca, Arizona, reported a reduction in water usage at a USFS air-tanker base compared to this time last year (4); but an Op-Ed piece argues that California cities who are condemning Arizona's tough new immigration laws should remember all the times their state has sent firefighters to help battle California's wildfires (5). An Op-Ed piece from Colorado questions the motives of the Basalt Fire District in regards to fighting an effort to designate some woodlands as wilderness (6). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Dave Tippets, Public Affairs Officer for USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station, sent along an article published in Issues in Ecology in which one of their scientists discusses the importance of preserving our forests in order to offset carbon emissions from human activities (7); and our next article looks at the South Central Idaho Interagency Dispatch Center, where dispatchers are required to be seasoned wildland firefighters (8). NTSB has determined that a small plane that went down while observing a wildfire for Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources last year crashed due to pilot error (9); but the South Carolina Forestry Service is investigating a suspicious wildfire that may have been deliberately set (10). Homeowners in Gulf County, Florida, are being informed that smoke in the air is due to an unusual wildfire in Panther Swamp (11); while in a bizarre twist, a 261-acre wildfire in Healy, Alaska, was sparked by, of all things, a snow machine! (12) Canada's brand new $4.5 million Provincial Wildfire Coordination Centre has begun operations in Kamloops, British Columbia (13); and it's none too soon, since several wildfires have been reported in that province already (14). A small wildfire in Alberta underscored the current wildfire danger in that province (15); even as firefighters outside of Edmonton are still battling a blaze that has doubled in size since yesterday (16). With an extremely dry year so far, firefighters in Ontario are reporting a rise in wildfires in residential areas (17). A bushfire expert from Australian National University is coming under fire from political leaders over his views on the ecological effects of bushfires (18); and former Victoria Police Commissioner Christine Nixon, who has been under fire for leaving her post as Black Saturday unfolded, is now being urged to provide the manuscript from her forthcoming autobiography to the Royal Bushfire Commission for scrutiny (19); this coming at a time when she may be charged with false testimony before the Commission (20). The Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund will provide $3 million more to help with reconstruction in areas ravaged by the Black Saturday bushfires last year (21). Politicians in New South Wales are requesting that $180,000 be approved for funding an ongoing bushfire research project (22); but a pretty nifty iPhone application for tracking bushfires has already been unveiled (23). And finally, in an effort to raise money for the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation, firefighters from Central California are hitting the road today for the 13th annual 'Relay of Local Heroes'!

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