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Monday, December 19, 2011


Technology lessons that can be learned from the GAO's report on Southern California's Station Fire are explored by our first article today (1); and Tangent Link sent along a reminder about their upcoming aerial firefighting conference in Sacramento early next year (2). US Forest Service and Flagstaff Fire Department plan to conduct controlled burns in Arizona next week (3); but after losing 15 structures to wildfires this year, Walker County, Texas, has installed firebreaks at several locations to stave off future losses (4). An official from the University of Wisconsin's College of Natural Resources has been selected to sit on that state's Council on Forestry by the governor (5). Two Russian scientists discuss the impact of Brazil's new Forest Code, which could lead to more wildfires, in light of what happened in Russia when similar measures were enacted (6); while Israel's Prime Minister unveiled a memorial to the 44 victims of 2010's Carmel Forest fire (7). Cash crops have been destroyed by bushfires in Nadowli District, Ghana (8); but technological improvements to forest areas around Seogwipo City, Korea, have provided a fire-free environment for seven years (9). In Australia, hundreds of homes on the outskirts of Melbourne, Victoria, are in danger from bushfires, according to fire officials (10); but despite bushfire concerns by the Yarra Ranges Council, a couple has been given the go-ahead to build their dream home in bushfire country (11); while Country Fire Authority assisted in preparing new Township Protection Plans for several communities in that state (12); but the Fire Services Commissioner bowed to pressure to put cautionary warnings on their graphic bushfire advertisement (13); even as a $4 million research project has pinpointed a score of chemicals in bushfire smoke which tainted wine grapes in Victoria (14). Queensland Fire and Rescue Service had a small bushfire to deal with in the Windward Passage (15); while New South Wales' Community Fire Units are showcased in the next article (16). Western Australia's Department of Environment and Conservation is under the microscope as an investigation of the Margaret River bushfires unfolds (17); but despite gale force winds, firefighters managed to extinguish a 450-hectare wildfire burning near Marrawah, Tasmania (18). And finally, we conclude with a story about how a Nevada hardwood floors distribution manager helped save customers' homes from a wildfire that burned on the outskirts of Reno!

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