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Monday, February 21, 2011


A wildfire that was evidently human-caused has burned 130 acres in Eastern Arizona (1); while a 50-acre wildfire caused some damage in Montgomery County, Texas, yesterday (2). Wildfires were reported in Harlan County, Kentucky (3); and the Mississippi Forestry Service had their hands full with wildfires reported in several counties over the weekend (4). The New Jersey Forest Fire Service responded to nearly 3 dozen wildfires over the weekend (5); while residents of West Virginia were reminded of the wildfire danger as the snow melts (6); this coming after a week in which wildfires were reported in several counties (7). TangentLink sent along a revised schedule for their Aerial Firefighting Conference & Exhibition, which will take place in Washington DC this coming May (8); and the Washington Post provides a summary of wildfires that burned in Maryland and Virginia over the weekend (9). Firefighting resources throughout Virginia were stretched thin by a host of wildfires (10); even training vehicles being put into service due to the number of blazes (11); and homeless people suffered losses as well (12). A wildfire in Craig County, Virginia, grew to 600 acres as it crossed the Appalachian Trail (13); while firefighters informed the public that they would be conducting burnout operations Monday in the Shenandoah National Park as they continued to battle a 2,000-acre wildfire (14); this at a time when firefighters from Tennessee, North Carolina and West Virginia are flooding into the area to help (15). Although firefighters have contained a 1,400-acre wildfire burning in North Carolina's Chimney Rock State Park, dangerous conditions will persist across the state for much of this week (16); and parts of South Carolina are under a burn ban as the wildfire risk increases (17); where 447 wildfires were reported in February, 221 of those having burned just this last weekend (18). After a busy weekend battling blazes, firefighters reported that the wildfire danger in northern Georgia remains critical (19). An 80-acre wildfire in Orange County, Florida, burned near some homes on Sunday (20); and Caloosahatchee Forestry Center will be conducting a controlled burn of about 15 acres in Lee County today (21). Indonesia's Environment Ministry has decided to fight fire with... legislation! (22) Country Fire Authority's Community Safety Manager advised homeowners in Victoria, Australia, not to become too dependent on high-tech bushfire warning systems (23); but a bushfire that has been reported on the outskirts of Sydney, New South Wales, is reported to have entered Holsworthy Army Base (24); while another far to the north required attention from air-tankers as well as firefighters on the ground (25). Firefighters in Western Australia issued bushfire warnings to homeowners near the Gnangara pine plantation (26). And finally, a firefighter from Perth, Western Australia, plans to scale new heights: Mount Everest, to be exact!

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