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Tuesday, July 07, 2009


In our first wildfire article today, a new study of the Witch Fire that burned in San Diego County, California, in 2007 cites ember storms that arrived long before the flame front as being the main cause of house fires; while a small wildfire near Watsonville damaged some railroad tracks in the area. Bureau of Land Management crews jumped on a wildfire outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, today; and firefighters had a small blaze to attend in Northern Nevada as well. A number of small wildfires have been reported in Northern Arizona; but a town in Colorado with lots of beetle-killed trees is facing the dilemma residents of Lake Tahoe did just before the Angora Fire: clear vegetation or lose homes to wildfires. An update on federal aid for survivors of the Oklahoma wildfires in April is provided by the next story; followed by some details on a couple of blazes in Texas. Air-tankers were dispatched to help quell a score of wildfires in British Columbia; and a small wildfire was reported near Vancouver yesterday. A new study on the impact of wildfires on northern spotted owl populations (a bone of contention between the Bush Administration and environmentalists) has been published; and some researchers are stating that beetle attacks on parched forests are actually a good thing! A wildfire in Algeciras, Spain, forced the evacuation of some homes; while the wildfire danger an El Nino condition poses to Asia is explored in the next article. Australian vacation homeowners who lost their property in the Victoria bushfires will have to wait for the taxman before they get reimbursed. The clean-up of Victoria's fire-scorched landscape is about to wrap up, two months ahead of schedule; even as the head of the bushfire recovery efforts talks optimistically about how it will all turn out. An Australian writer asks some pointed questions about what journalists should be reporting on in regards to bushfires. And finally, we've all heard of hawks, eagles, and the occasional raccoon being electrocuted by power lines and sparking a wildfire, but a bear cub?

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