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Saturday, December 17, 2011


LA Times investigative reporter Paul Pringle wades into the GAO report on Southern California's Station Fire issued yesterday, with some comments by Wildfire NOTD subscriber Bill Derr, a former special agent with US Forest Service Law Enforcement (1); while San Diego Gas and Electric has agreed to pay out $24.5 million to San Diego County after the California Public Utilities Commission determined that their transmission lines contributed to wildfires that ravaged the region in 2007 (2); and a controversial firebreak proposed by CAL FIRE to protect the seaside community of Cambria from wildfires has been approved (3); even as CAL FIRE firefighters received an assist from an air-tanker on a 45-acre wildfire in San Benito County Saturday afternoon (4). The new Apache Sitgreaves National Forest Supervisor has big plans for restoring areas scorched by Arizona's Wallow Fire (5); but the US housing market, already suffering from the subprime mortgage meltdown, wasn't helped any by wildfires across the southern part of the country this year (6). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Ed Kleiman, Wildland Fire Coordinator for GelTech Solutions' FireIce, sent along a followup article about restrictions by US Forest Service in using aerial fire retardant, which has comments by Wildfire NOTD subscriber Dan Snyder, President of Neptune Aviation (7); while the Florida Forest Service planned to conduct a 30-acre controlled burn on the grounds of a middle school in Chipley (8). A Victoria government commission revealed that it would cost $10 billion to bushfire-proof power lines in that Australian state (9); while locals fear that a powerline which sparked a deadly bushfire near Kinglake is set to do the same again (10). An enterprising company has created wrap-around views of such things as the bushfires which burned through Margaret River, Western Australia (11). And finally, we have the story of a Canadian woodworking retiree who has found some attractive uses for timber scorched by wildfires: custom-built furniture!

(1) Inquiry faults Forest Service on Station fire, but leaves questions

(2) SDG&E to Pay County $24.5M for Fire Damages

(3) Firebreak plan gets approval

(4) Wildfire In San Benito County Contained

(5) Acting Apache Sitgreaves supervisor says he'll focus on strengthening, building relationships

(6) Mother Nature Runs Up Record Tab on the Housing Market

(7) U.S. Forest Service to use aerial retardant, with precautions to protect species

(8) Controlled burn planned in Chipley

(9) $10bn power line fire plan

(10) Line ready for repeat performance

(11) New way to see world with 360 degree view

(12) Woodworking retiree creates furniture from the scars of a forest fire

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