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Tuesday, October 05, 2010


With the Station Fire Congressional hearing scheduled to commence in Pasadena, California, October 12, the next article takes another look at the panels of experts testifying (1); while Stanislaus National Forest has lifted fire restrictions (2). The wildfire burning in Fraser, Colorado, is now 30% contained after burning over 530 acres (3); and fire officials were warning residents of Moffat County not to try battling wildfires themselves (4); this at a time when both of Colorado's US Senators were appealing to the Secretary of Agriculture to do more about the wildfire danger from beetle-killed trees (5). In Utah, researchers at Brigham Young University are conducting wildfire experiments in a classroom environment (6); but despite some light rain, wildfires burning in Montana's Bitterroot Valley are still blazing (7). As Arkansas suffers through its worst drought in 10 years, the Arkansas Forestry Commission provides some tips to homeowners on protecting their property from wildfires (8); and a fire ban is in effect for Indiana's Hoosier National Forest (9). The next article recounts the sorry tale of a Tennessee homeowner who had forgotten to pay his $75 firefighting fee, causing the local fire department to let an out-of-control debris fire burn down his house! (10) Louisiana homeowners were thanking firefighters for saving their homes from a raging wildfire that burned close by (11); while more counties in Mississippi are coming under a burn ban as several wildfires have been reported in that southern state (12). A New York native recounted his exploits as a Hot Shot this past fire season (13); but facing a scenario with which an increasing number of fire departments are familiar, firefighters in Jacksonville, North Carolina, are having to learn to fight wildfires as urban development pushes into wildland areas (14). On Oahu, Hawaii, Honolulu Fire Department has a mystery on its hands: whose remains did they discover at a nearby wildfire? (15) The Ad Council has begun a new national wildfire awareness campaign with Bambi and Smokey Bear (16). On the technology front, here's an article about the world's first Fire Fighting Unmanned Ground Vehicle, able to pull people to safety and scale stairways! (17) Ontario, Canada, continues to enjoy a quiet fall wildfire season (18); but warm fall temperatures in the Russian Republic of Buryatia worsened seven wildfires burning in the taiga (19). The next article takes a look at the wildfire situation in the Middle Eastern nation of Lebanon, where the latest batch of wildfires has been extinguished (20); while several wildfires were also reported in the North African nation of Algeria (21). Heading Down Under, a bushfire with a 3 km front was reported in East Gippsland, Victoria, yesterday (22). Homeowners associations in South Australia are teaming up with Country Fire Service to make their communities safer from bushfires (23). And finally, firefighters in Scotland had a familiar location at which to fight a blaze: their fire station!

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