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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


In wildfire news today, there's LA Times and then there's everybody else! No fewer than ten articles related to wildfires graced the pages of the LA Times today, leading off with two articles on the budget burden the fires have put on California. The next article discusses the bitter homecomings of evacuees whose homes burned, followed by one about how volunteerism in the midst of tragedy still springs eternal. An article by Bettina Boxall asks whether this is a natural trend or caused by unusual climate variances, followed by a pair from the LA Times Blog discussing what to save in an evacuation and how best to transport pets out safely. Two people have been charged with starting wildfires: a teen for starting the Gap Fire and a homeless man for starting several up north. And for those who doubt the value of air power in a wildfire, the next article underscores the mobility that ground forces often lose during evacuations and road closures. As with the residents in the vicinity of the Tea Fire in Montecito, residents in Yorba Linda badly drained a nearby reservoir hosing down their homes, a worrisome trend for firefighters during the Southern California drought. A sizeable force over over 1,000 firefighters is still trying to eliminate the Sayre Fire ahead of Friday's Santa Ana winds, and the President-elect was out stumping for donations again, but for fire victims this time. The New York Times submitted a comprehensive article on the battle with bark beetles in the West, and PG&E is going to be paying the bill for fire suppression due to a fire caused by a power pole - not the first time this pole has caused a fire, either (some utilities never learn, it seems). A small brushfire was quickly extinguished at Lake Elsinore in Riverside County, an event which was mirrored in San Diego County. Two hospital-related stories follow: one about the mysterious failure of a high-tech backup power system at a Sylmar hospital and one about the effects of smoky air on respiratory ailments. USFS in New Mexico is counting its blessings for a milder-than-expected year firewise, while an article out of Utah highlights their forward-looking approach to fire prevention in light of the California firestorms. Homeowners in Colorado are hoping fire agencies get firebreaks completed quickly as they face a dry year. And a huge bushfire in Australia is being allowed to perform a natural burn there under the watchful eye of the Rural Fire Service.

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