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Saturday, September 15, 2012


As triple-digit temperatures baked Southern California, a 90-acre wildfire broke out near the Getty Museum yesterday (1); a video segment showing air assets pounding the fire as Wildfire NOTD subscriber Steve Ruda, a Battalion Chief with Los Angeles City Fire Department, comments on their progress (2); while it's been determined that the 4,192-acre Williams fire in the Angeles National Forest was started by a parked car which ignited brush at a turnout (3); and a wildfire scorched between 5 and 6 acres on San Diego's Camp Pendleton Marine Base (4); but a five-acre wildfire in the Stanislaus National Forest has been fully contained (5); and closures of portions of the Mendocino National Forest due to wildfires are frustrating hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts (6); while US Forest Service will be conducting cleanup operations at the Needles Fire Lookout Tower in the Sequoia National Forest (7); and a spectacular photo of a CAL FIRE S-2T air-tanker dropping on a wildfire in Scotts Valley is up next (8). The economic ups and downs wildfires bring to communities were disclosed by a new study from University of Oregon's Ecosystem Workforce Program (9); while the Pole Creek fire breached firelines and grew to 7,000 acres in size (10); but windy, dry weather continues to fuel wildfires in Oregon and Washington (11). An update on wildfires in Washington state, where an emergency declaration by the governor freed up a pair of Washington National Guard helicopters from the 66th Theater Aviation Command for firefighting duty, is provided by the next item (12); where a 12-acre wildfire filled Spokane Valley with wildfire smoke yesterday (13); and a member of the state's Senate Energy, Natural Resources and Marine Waters Committee spoke out about how active forest management practices can make forest fires and wildfires more manageable (14); the Department of Natural Resources invoking burn bans through the end of September (15); wildfire danger prompting a forest products company which owns 390,000 acres in Western Washington state to close public access to much of that land (16); Weyerhaeuser following suit on lands it owns as well (17); meanwhile, fire departments in Western Washington are dispatching crews to help with wildfires in Eastern Washington (18); even as firefighters in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest wrapped up a historic ranger station in tinfoil to protect it from wildfires (19). Wildfire damage to Ruidoso, New Mexico's, watershed has prompted officials to declare a water emergency (20); but Colorado is pushing ahead with the Tunnel Hill Fuels Reduction Project, which aims to thin 350 acres of timber to increase wildfire protection around Winter Park (21). The impact of a 66% budget cut on Oklahoma's Cherokee Nation Fire Rangers is examined by the next article (22); while wildfires continued to burn across Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park (23). Wildfire activity in and around Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is covered by the next item (24); but in Missouri, the Doe Run Fire District held an open house to help educate residents on how to protect themselves from wildfires (25). Hundreds of hectares have gone up in smoke in Indonesia's Wae Wuul National Park (26). And finally, a resident of Idaho who saw the wildfires of 1910 that created a seismic shift in Forest Service policy recalls the experience on her 110th birthday!

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(27) Idaho woman turns 110, recalls escaping flames during Great Fire of 1910

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