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Monday, April 04, 2011


The curious case of fire protection fees in Corvallis, Oregon, is the topic of our first article today (1); but it was a busy weekend for firefighters in the states of Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Kansas, as the next article shows (2). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Dan Ware, Fire Information Officer for New Mexico State Forestry, commented on a wildfire that burned over 6,500 acres near Albuquerque, destroying five homes and forcing the evacuation of many others, as well as a gambling casino nearby (3); but at least there was a little bit of good news when the 30-acre fire in the Sandia Hills was contained (4); and firefighters planned to light a couple of their own in the Gila National Forest (5). Although precipitation helped slow a 4,500-acre wildfire burning in Larimer County, Colorado, the fire is still only 5% contained after destroying 15 homes (6); but with windy weather in the forecast, firefighters are expecting a tough fight today (7); even as firefighters practiced cold-trailing to ensure that the perimeter they've established will hold (8); and meteorologists reiterated the fact that Colorado could have a very bad wildfire season this year (9). 150 homes were evacuated in Texas County, Oklahoma, yesterday as wildfires closed in (10). An update on the wildfire situation in Texas, where several wildfires continue to burn, is provided by the Texas Forest Service in the next article (11); where firefighters in Brown County have effected 80% containment of a 3,000-acre wildfire (12); one of over a dozen fires that have burned almost 12,000 acres so far (13). A summary of wildfire activity in Illinois is provided by the next item (14); and FEMA has agreed to provide financial assistance to Haskell County, Kansas, in dealing with the aftermath of a wildfire that has already burned 1,000 acres and is 0% contained (15). The Arkansas Forestry Commission reported nearly 3 dozen wildfires in that state (16); while a wildfire outside of Kentucky's Bernheim Forest burned 5-6 acres on Sunday (17). Families are being allowed to return home after a wildfire forced evacuations in Henry County, Tennessee, over the weekend (18); while another blaze in Morgan County scorched 150 acres (19). Unable to reach a wildfire near Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, firefighters tackled it from boats (20); and firefighters roped in a 40-acre wildfire that burned in Transylvania County over the weekend (21). The Florida Division of Forestry reported four arson wildfires which burned 60 acres in the John Bethea State Forest over the weekend (22). A wildfire has burned nearly 15,000 acres near Tegucigalpa, Honduras, the Central American country seeing about 750 wildfires in the first quarter of 2011, many of them set by arsonists (23); but due to an ongoing investigation into Israel's Carmel Forest fire, families of the victims feel it's too early to be awarding Medals of Distinction to those who fought the blaze (24). Forest fires in North Korea, particularly in North Pyongan Province from which they launch missiles, is the topic of the next item (25); while the next article provides information on tracking wildfires in India via the Forest Survey of India website, which is maintained by their Environment & Forests agency (26). A contentious class-action suit brought against fire authorities for the destruction done in a 2003 bushfire has resumed in Australia Capital Territory (27). Arson techniques imported from the US will be employed at a new Australian Emergency Management Institute in Victoria to train investigators for better apprehension of bushfire arsonists (28); and Victoria's Deputy Premier and Minister for Bushfire Response unveiled a new $1.5 million fire station which will help protect the community of Whittlesea from future bushfires (29). A small bushfire was reported west of Walpole, Western Australia (30). And finally, scientists in Brazil have come up with a new way to keep firefighters cool in hot situations!

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