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Monday, June 06, 2011


Wildfire NOTD subscriber Bill Niccum, Assistant Chief at Los Angeles County Fire Department, commented on that fire department's 12th annual wildland firefighting training session at the Pitchess Detention Center in Southern California (1); while hundreds of firefighters battled a wildfire near Lake Isabella in Kern County Sunday night (2); and a 120-acre wildfire burning in the San Diego County community of Dulzura kept firefighters busy Sunday night as well (3). Arizonans are concerned about debris flows from areas burned by recent wildfires in that state (4); and fire crews feared that a new, smaller wildfire may merge with the 37,555-acre Murphy Fire, which is only 15% contained (5); meanwhile, firefighters and equipment continue to flock to Arizona to help battle wildfires (6); even as the Wallow Fire churns through some 200,000 acres of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, evacuees pondering the fate of their homes (7); the following article looking at some of Arizona's biggest wildfires over the years (8). A striking NASA photo provided evidence of just how massive the smoke plume from Arizona wildfires has become (9); prompting air quality concerns from health officials in that state (10). Smoke from wildfires in Arizona and Colorado also sullied the skies over Colorado Springs, officials issuing respiratory health alerts (11); and a 42-acre wildfire burning near Lake George wasn't helping air quality either (12); but the 4,500-acre Salt Fire, burning south of La Junta, was finally contained (13); the next article profiling the Colorado Wildland Fire & Incident Management Academy (14). Wildfire activity in Southeast Texas is examined by the next item (15); followed by another that summarizes wildfires in East Texas (16). Arson struck New Hampshire's Ossipee Pine Barrens for a third time (17). The Alabama Forestry Commission is facing a daunting wildfire threat after tornadoes left behind 12 million tons of fallen timber (18); even as firefighters in Hueytown brought a 600-acre wildfire under control (19). A 40-acre wildfire was reported in Rockbridge County, Virginia, over the weekend (20); and the massive wildfire burning in North Carolina's Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge is causing intermittent closures of nearby Highway 264 (21); but two wildfires that have burned nearly 250 square miles in Georgia's Okefenokee Swamp have been contained (22). Highlands County, Florida, has reported 17 arson wildfires since the beginning of this year (23); while Florida Division of Forestry suspected that ATVs sparked a blaze outside of Miami-Dade that burned 460 acres of grass and melaleucas (24); even as warnings about smoke were issued in northern counties in that state (25). Smoke from a 1,300-acre wildfire burning on the St. Johns-Flagler County line forced students in Jacksonville to change schools (26); while four youths were remanded to the Space Coast Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program after being caught setting a wildfire (27); but following nearly 40 wildfires that burned 825 acres in their region, Volusia County Council has banned fireworks for several weeks to come (28). Wildfires are active in Alaska (29); where, despite having suffered through the driest May in a century, the next article demonstrates the resilience of its forests to raging wildfires (30). Heading to Canada, people displaced by the wildfire that destroyed 1/3 of Slave Lake, Alberta, are adjusting to life in temporary accommodations in Saskatoon (31); followed by an article about the role weather plays in battling the nearly three dozen wildfires in that province (32); while Alberta's Sustainable Resource Development Ministry commented on the recent deployment of the Martin Mars to Fort McMurray to battle wildfires raging throughout the region (33); the following article, sent along by Wildfire NOTD subscriber Ty Bonnar, Vice President of Global Operations for Flexible Alternatives, makers of PCADS components, providing some impressive photos of the Mars in action (34). Ireland reported a few fires in Fanad North, Crossroads, Dunaff, Ballyhoe and Corkey, and the UK had a few at Wester Ross, Strathpheffer and Lochalsh, while Belgium reported one in Kalmthout as well (35). Firefighters in Hereford, UK, warned that there could be a repeat of the devastating Swinley Forest wildfires after an apparent arson fire sparked a blaze over the weekend (36); even as foresters began rehabilitation efforts in areas burned by recent blazes there (37). Poland's Forest Research Institute reported 78 wildfires burning in that Eastern European nation (38); and a photo from Russia's Moscow Times shows a firefighter preparing a water bucket for use (39); something they could surely use in Siberia, where wildfires continued to expand, 137 fires covering 54,450 acres in the Siberian Federal region, 110 blazes reported within the last 24 hours in the Irkutsk region (40). The South African nation of Swaziland honored the Shiselweni region for the fewest bushfires in the country at their International Day for Biological Diversity (41). An article from Australia discusses the impact of North American wildfire smoke on the Arctic (42); but the construction of a community hall in an area hit hard by the Black Saturday bushfires has Victoria's Country Fire Authority complaining about inaccurate risk assessments (43); this at a time when the United Firefighters Union is complaining that government inaction has increased the number of deaths from natural disasters like bushfires (44). And finally, Pennsylvania firefighters have performed numerous extrications, but this one was unique: removing someone's hand from an ATM machine!

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