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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Inclement weather is pushing back full containment of the Jesusita Fire, which is currently 80% contained, as we kick off wildfire news for today in Santa Barbara, California; but in the aftermath of that wildfire, Los Padres National Forest officials have decided to close many areas to the public. A detailed account of the burnover that injured several firefighters during the fire is up next; followed by an article in which US Forest Service Chief Gail Kimbell discusses USFS policies in regards to that fire. Some in-depth information on both the DC-10 air-tankers and their crews is provided in the next item from Lompoc, California; but San Diego County Supervisor Diane Jacob discusses that county's aerial firefighting plan in light of budget shortfalls in a radio segment from KBPS. Two companies will donate thousands of seedlings to help replant forests devastated by wildfires in Southern California. A 5,000 acre wildfire burning near the Arizona/New Mexico border is about 20% contained; while Steamboat Springs, Colorado, had a couple of small wildfires crop up amid high fire danger warnings to residents. Fire officials in Idaho are concerned about beetle-killed trees providing kindling to wildfires in that state; and the value of Wisconsin's network of fire towers was underscored by the successful detection and prosecution of a wildfire while it was still small. A timber owner is suing the Department of Defense over the New Jersey Pinelands fire which burned hundreds of acres of their land last year. A wildfire near Orlando, Florida, was making driving conditions hazardous as Florida's wildfire siege continues; with another 4,500 acre blaze still burning in Volusia County; but rain is on the way! A wildfire burning in the northern regions of Russia has forced the evacuation of many residents. Vagrants in a Malaysian forest apparently sparked off a small wildfire; followed by a tally of wildfires in one part of that country. Villagers, with some assistance from firefighters, were able to extinguish a blaze in Kundapur, India, before more extensive damage was done to nearby forests and rubber plantations. Heading Down Under, Australian chickens, spared from the ravages of the Black Saturday bushfires, may return the favor by helping provide the means to prevent a swine flu pandemic. A trio of stories from the bushfire hearings in Melbourne: eyewitness accounts of fireballs and other bushfire phenomena were provided to the commission; the head of Victoria's Emergency Services reiterated the fact that emergency personnel were fully in control of the situation during the Black Saturday bushfires; but a national phone alert system, which has now been approved by all Australian states, could have saved lives. And finally, firefighters rescue critters from all kinds of situations, but this puppy rescue was unique!

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