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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


There were quite a few wildfire articles in the news today, including a couple on the economic fallout of wildfires. Australia is having more economic woes due to bushfires. Last year it was the wine crop that was impacted (grapes making sour-tasting wine due to absorbed smoke), and this year the honey crop is being impacted due to destroyed hives, this from a country that exports queen bees to hives all over the world - not a good sign. San Diego farmworkers are also suffering due to the damage from last fall's wildfires. On the other hand, there is good news for North Carolina on their month-long wildfire, but not-so-good news from another report on California's firefighting budget shortfalls just as temperatures go up, increasing the fire danger. Meanwhile, Tom Bonnicksen weighs in again on our current firefighting dilemma (if this trend keeps up, we may have to change our motto from 'The Golden State' to 'The Charcoal State') and gives a useful benchmark for CO2 emitted by fires: one acre of timber releases the equivalent of a year's worth of fumes from 48 cars. More help continues to arrive on the California firelines, including the National Guard's 649th Engineer Company. NASA has sent a team to Canada to study how smoke adds to global warming and Canada (specifically British Columbia) has sent more firefighters south, the Martin Mars weighing in on the fires around Big Sur. Lightning-sparked fires in Alaska have increased acreage burned to nearly 25,000. Some useful information is also provided on the science of firefighting, an article that gives important tips to homeowners on how to make sure their homes are defensible.

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