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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


In wildfire news today, Lebanon received assistance from Cyprus in fighting their wildfires, while a highway was closed in British Columbia due to wildfires there. Dyncorp was awarded a $137.7 million contract to help Cal Fire in future wildfires. Wood shingles on mountain cabins were blamed for catastrophic damage in the 2007 wildfires (when will those homeowners learn?), as related by a trio of articles, while a report from Texas underscores the extremes in weather they're having: flooding from a hurricane in the south while 3,000 acres are burning elsewhere in the state. And even though a couple of articles declare victory over the California and Washington wildfires, another relates the tough fight in the Shasta-Trinity area, while yet another chronicles firefighters having to be shipped out to the firelines. And if the wildfires are out, why is Oregon training 300 National Guardsmen to fight fires? And the San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum's own Steve Erie gets some comments on the record about the tussling going on in San Diego over a worthwhile fire plan. Finally, an article about the California Air National Guard learning a few new tricks about firefighting support missions.

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