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Monday, September 08, 2008


Leading off today's wildfire news, the CL-415s have returned to LA for the fall fire season, while another pair from France proved decisive in knocking down a blaze in Bulgaria. Bark beetles are in the news again, with articles on the topic from Utah, South Dakota, and Canada. A story on the rebirth of a wildfire-ravaged forest on the east coast follows. The South Barker Fire is being allowed to burn away from populated areas, while two fires blazed up on Sunday in the Redding area and another small one was reported on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. Next up, a story about a one-man fire-spotting service up near Eureka, CA, something that's been discussed for the Santa Monica Mountains by Tony Morris of Wildfire Research Network. A forest fire specialist up in Canada recounts his computer-simulated forest fire activities in the following article, and a story from The Idaho Statesman discusses the age-old debate about 'let it burn' versus suppression. Kentucky is bracing (and training) for their upcoming fire season, while officials in Colorado are counting the cost of mechanical thinning and other pre-treatment activities for the year. Finally, a report from Spain about a spate of arson-caused wildfires in the Costa Blanca region last week.

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