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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Ty Bonnar, Vice President of Global Operations at Flexible Alternatives, sent along an article about the deployment of the California Air National Guard's 146th Airlift Wing to Afghanistan, raising the question of how California will fare with fewer MAFFS-equipped aircraft in addition to the reduction in heavy air-tankers (1). Photos of CL-415s in action around the Southern California mountain community of Big Bear over the weekend accompany the next article (2); but weary San Bernardino County firefighters will get a bit of a break from fighting wildfires in triple-digit heat as a cool-down begins (3); while a wildfire that burned 300 acres in northern San Diego County is now 60% contained (4); as has a 70-acre wildfire burning outside of Ramona (5); but not before injuring one firefighter (6); several wildfires being reported in the region (7); even as firefighters continued to grapple with the Motor Fire outside of Yosemite National Park, allowing Highway 140 to reopen (8). A 1,500-acre wildfire is burning on Mt. Hood, Oregon (9); numerous wildfires continuing to burn in Central Oregon (10); but firefighters are hopeful that a cool-down will diminish wildfire activity (11); while an innovative program put on by Coos Forest Protection District helps teach youngsters about the importance of fire safety (12). Firefighters battled wildfires in the southern part of Washington State (13); more details being provided in the following two articles (14)(15). Wildfire activity in Arizona is the topic of the next article (16); while multiple lightning strikes did not help the wildfire picture in Utah (17). An illegal debris burn was blamed for a small grass fire in Oklahoma that destroyed a boat and trailer (18); where a couple of other wildfires were also reported (19). A summary of wildfires burning in Southeast Texas is provided by the next article (20); and a wildfire that burned 40 acres in Lampasas County destroyed a house and a barn (21); but Texas Forest Service reported that a 110-acre wildfire that burned in Montgomery County was arson (22); even as a Johnson County volunteer firefighter has been arrested for setting grass fires (23). Lightning strikes caused several wildfires in Montana's Bitterroot National Forest Sunday and Monday (24); the following article looking at the challenges and rewards of wilderness firefighting in that region (25). An 800-acre wildfire burning in Montana's Yellowstone County appears not to be spreading for the moment (26); a 700-acre wildfire being reported in Laurel, as well (27); but fire officials credited air attack with helping to rope in a 75-acre wildfire burning near Ennis (28). Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park was pummeled by thousands of lightning strikes which sparked numerous wildfires (29). An 81-acre wildfire in Bradley County, Tennessee, prompted questions about the wisdom of burn permits in an area filled with tinder-dry storm debris (30); while marsh fires outside of New Orleans, Louisiana, are proving resistant to airstrikes (31). The Alabama Forestry Commission reported that an extended drought has worsened the wildfire situation in that state, which has seen 100 wildfires in the past seven days alone (32); but the 6,358-acre wildfire burning in Virginia's Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge is now 90% contained, thanks, in part, to Hurricane Irene (33). A forest fire burning in Charleston County, South Carolina, is impacting air quality in the region (34); while Georgia Forestry Commission firefighters battled a wildfire that spread across upwards of 160 acres in Gordon County (35). British Columbia's Southeast Fire Centre assured residents of Cranbrook that the wildfire smoke they were smelling was from the US, not Canada (36); followed by a story about the impact of the mountain pine beetle on Alberta's energy sector (37); but several arson wildfires were reported by Manitoba Conservation in the vicinity of Lac du Bonnet (38); while an update on wildfires in northeastern Ontario is provided by the next article (39); this at a time when the third of four CL-415 aircraft, purchased by Newfoundland and Labrador as part of a $120 million order, has arrived (40). In the Mediterranean Basin, wildfires were reported in Spain, Italy, Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and the North African nation of Algeria (41); the following story from the European Commission discussing the effectiveness of their Civil Protection Mechanism in battling wildfires in Greece and Albania (42). Australia Capital Territory is moving forward with plans to increase the powers of the Emergency Services Commissioner in dealing with bushfires (43); and he has a big job ahead, as the territory plans to treat 21,000 ha of grassland to reduce the incidence of bushfires (44). In Victoria, the communities of Montrose and Mount Evelyn will meet with Country Fire Authority officials to discuss bushfire plans (45); but one benefit that appears to have come from the Black Saturday bushfires is the resurgence of the swamp bush-pea (46). The Mid North Coast Bush Fire Management Committee reminded residents of New South Wales that the bushfire danger period is set to commence September 1st (47). And finally, striking video shows an LAFD firefighter who is cool under fire (and explosions, too!)

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