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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


A press release from State Farm Insurance discusses how this year's fire season (which has already seen 3.2 million acres burn in the US) is on track to break some records (1); a National Public Radio segment providing more details, including the fact that 9,700 personnel, including 82% of the hotshot crews in the US, have been deployed to the firelines, and the summer heat has yet to arrive! (2) Hopeful candidates are vying for 40 wildland firefighting positions in Central Oregon (3); but a Baylor University researcher discusses how changing fuels in the Southwest could lead to less severe wildfires over the next few decades (4). CNN recounts how the Wallow Fire now holds the dubious distinction of the largest wildfire in Arizona's history (5); while details of the Monument Fire, burning near the Mexican border, are provided by the next item (6); followed by a summary of wildfire activity in the southern part of that state (7); where some survivors had hair-raising stories about their brushes with wildfires to tell (8); and a scientific study examines the factors behind Arizona's massive blazes (9); but survivors of previous wildfires reassured survivors of the current fire siege that in time the damage will heal (10); while biologists said that the indigenous elk population will also escape serious harm (11). Some photos of Erickson Air-Crane helicopters in action over Arizona's Wallow Fire are provided in the next item (12). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Dan Ware, Fire Information Officer for New Mexico State Forestry, was quoted in an article discussing how busy fire crews are in that state at the moment (13); the following article providing more details on fires burning in that state (14); where Amtrak service to Kansas City was interrupted by wildfires (15); as was highway traffic on Interstate 25 (16). Smoke and haze are impacting parts of Colorado, as numerous wildfires continue to burn in and around that state (17); followed by an opinion poll in which an editorial asks whether US Forest Service should be doing more thinning of trees (18); even as a wildfire in Custer and Fremont Counties expanded to 1,000 acres in size, threatening over 200 structures in the San Isabel National Forest (19). The Alabama Forestry Commission stated that a 48-acre wildfire burning in St. Clair County threatened homes after breaching the containment line (20); and numerous wildfires have burned in Barbour County as well (21). Arson investigators were examining the start point of an 850-acre wildfire that burned in Jackson County, Mississippi, over the weekend, prompting the evacuation of a rehabilitation facility (22); while representatives of the Department of the Interior and US Forest Service are scheduled to appear before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee in Washington, DC, today to answer questions about ways to mitigate wildfires scorching the West (23). Florida's governor has declared an emergency due to 300 active wildfires that have burned over 115,000 acres across the state (24); some of those fires being identified by the following three articles (25)(26)(27). A report on wildfire activity in Ontario, Canada, where one new wildfire was reported, is provided in the next item (28). And finally, officials in Steels Creek, Victoria, think they have found a solution to the problem of notifying residents of oncoming bushfires in an area poorly served by mobile phones: sirens!

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