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Saturday, August 28, 2010


Los Angeles Fire Department snuffed a small wildfire along the Hollywood Freeway yesterday (1); and a 25-acre wildfire was reported in Irvine today (2). A 12-acre wildfire reported in El Cajon yesterday was apparently started by workers installing some fencing (3); but a pair of wildfires burning in Yosemite National Park for the past few weeks have forced closure of some trails (4). CAL FIRE battled a 800-acre blaze in Central California that was burning in some heavy vegetation (5); and several fires have burned 3,000 acres in Oregon's Mount Hood National Forest as well (6). The Oregon Department of Forestry should have a rapt audience in Ashland when it presents a wildfire workshop right on the heels of a wildfire that burned 11 homes! (7) Better weather is helping firefighters grappling with a 5,700-acre wildfire in Oregon's Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest (8); which is expected to be contained by September 6th (9). Aircraft aided firefighters on the ground in the Douglas Forest Protection District on Friday when a wildfire burned to within feet of homes (10); and the next article provides a photo extravaganza of firefighting aircraft in action in that state (11); however, wildfires proved to be something of an obstacle for hunters on opening day (12). A 1,700-acre wildfire threatened homes on the Washington side of the Columbia Gorge yesterday (13). A summary of wildfires burning in Eastern Washington state is provided in the next article, where decreasing winds have allowed firefighters to get a handle on several blazes (14); while a wildfire in that area which destroyed two homes has finally been roped in after burning 1,000 acres (15). An exploding transformer sparked an 80-acre wildfire in Elbert County, Colorado (16); but despite a few large blazes this year, Utah is on record to have the least acreage burned in nearly a decade (17); nevertheless, a couple are currently burning in the Dixie National Forest (18). The Cottonwood Fire, which has burned 500 acres near Bogus Basin, Idaho, is sullying the air over that region (19); while firefighters were struggling to keep a 6,000-acre blaze out of heavy timber as 35-mph winds were driving it that direction (20). Hundreds of thousands of acres were on fire in Idaho, a situation not helped by a flurry of lightning-sparked wildfires (21); where a firefighter was injured by a falling tree (22); but a highway in Idaho that was closed by wildfires has now been reopened (23). Firefighters in Montana continued battling a couple of major blazes as cooling temperatures aided their fight (24); and dozens of homes had to be evacuated as a wildfire scorched over 400 acres elsewhere in that state (25). A number of wildfires continue to burn in South Dakota and Nebraska, as the next two articles show (26)(27). Firefighters in Wisconsin, which averages 1,500 wildfires a year, rehearsed for the real thing at a training session today (28); while firefighters in Arkansas are concerned about the highly flammable condition of forests in the Ozarks (29); and the Arkansas Forestry Commission reported a 400-acre blaze in the southwestern part of the state (30). Although wildfire season is still six weeks away, some residents of Blount County, Tennessee, are wasting no time in preparing (31). The director of the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Center and a Canadian Forest Service scientist reflect on what wildfires are in Canada's future (32); while the following article takes a look at the massive amount of acreage burned in British Columbia as wildfires were twice as active as is normally expected (33). The contribution of convict firefighters battling blazes in British Columbia is examined by the next article (34); but although Ontario has had few fires this season, the danger level is climbing in the northwestern part of that province (35). Heading to Australia, one reporter was critical about the Victorian Premier's response to the Royal Bushfire Commission recommendations (36); while various councils in the Ballarat region are voicing their support for bushfire reforms recommended by the Royal Bushfire Commission (37). A fire ecologist has voiced his support for one of the Royal Bushfire Commission recommendations - buying back land in the high-risk bushfire areas (38). And finally, US Forest Service employees in Washington state took a trip down memory lane as they reminisced about a very old warehouse which burned down recently.

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