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Monday, March 11, 2013


Oregon State University will be offering a wildfire awareness workshop on how to protect your home from wildfires in Clatsop County (1). A fishing expo in Loveland, Colorado, will touch on the impact of wildfires and drought on sport fishing on Tuesday (2); while US Sen. Mark Udall offered some suggestions of how to prepare for more of the same (3). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Ray Rasker, Executive Director of Headwaters Economics, comments on the wildfire danger in Utah in the next article (4). Despite predictions of a mild wildfire season in the Texas Panhandle, Randall County Fire Department is preparing for the worst (5); the US Department of Labor allocating over $400,000 to help with continued cleanup from the 2011 wildfires in that state (6). A wildfire specialist will be discussing his area of interest at a fire-adapted workshop to be held Friday at Montana's Helena Regional Airport (7); while pointers for homeowners trying to protect their property from wildfires is provided by Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in the next item (8). A dozen wildfires were active Sunday night across Kentucky (9); and fire crews from Tennessee Division of Forestry assisted local firefighters battling a 100-acre wildfire near Townsend (10). A pair of wildfires in York County, Pennsylvania, burned 20 acres between them (11); while West Virginia Division of Forestry warned residents of Kanawha and 20 other counties that the spring forest fire season has begun (12). A 533-acre wildfire in North Carolina's Croatan National Forest has been contained (13); allowing evacuees from 30 homes to return (14). With wildfire season upon them, the South Carolina Forestry Commission is warning homeowners in Horry County to prepare (15); but a former Regional Forestry Supervisor with the Georgia Forestry Commission was memorialized in an article from Gainesville (16). An editorial by the Eastern Alaska Forester discusses how climate change has increased the importance of defensible space around homes in the Last Frontier (17). One person died and 53 homes were destroyed by a five-hectare wildfire which broke out in Pohang, South Korea (18); and efforts by Indian officials to protect the Valmiki Tiger Reserve from wildfires are underway (19). An article from Victoria, Australia, looks at how Country Fire Authority overcame networking issues that hampered them during the Black Saturday bushfires (20); while Western Australia's Department of Environment and Conservation warned that a bushfire burning near Byford would become unpredictable as winds from an approaching storm reached the area (21). And finally, firefighters battling a house fire in West Palm Beach, Florida, got more than they bargained for when they were set upon by a swarm of bees!

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