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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


An unusually dry winter in California's Sierra Nevada mountains is impacting US Forest Service's attempts to conduct prescribed burns (1); while an alert volunteer firefighter nabbed a wildfire arsonist who was lighting grass fires north of Beale Air Force Base near Sacramento yesterday (2); but the ongoing dispute between a Plumas County logger and the US Forest Service over salvage timber is chronicled by the next article (3). FEMA will contribute $3 million to Colorado communities hard hit by two wildfires in 2010 (4). Central Texas is slowly recovering from the bushfires of 2011 (5); while the McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge has reopened after a 13,000-acre wildfire earlier this month (6); and, an insurance tool that can provide real-time natural hazard risk reports, now has information on Texas wildfire danger in regards to property (7). A Missouri Department of Conservation official commented on the importance of wildfires in that state (8). Low rainfall in Florida is stirring fears within the firefighting community that wildfires may get into inaccessible places (9); and smoke from a Putnam County wildfire forced officials to keep an elementary school closed for another day (10); while Florida-based firefighting gel producer GelTech Solutions announced the appointment of a former Miami-Dade Fire Chief to their Board of Directors (11). Extremely dry conditions continue to force fire officials in Alberta, Canada, to issue wildfire warnings even though it's the dead of winter (12); while the Forest Ranger Corps of Cuba announced the activation of a new forest fire monitoring center which will use satellite imagery to enhance response to wildfires on that Caribbean island (13). Israel's Ministry of Environmental Protection will be holding a conference to discuss the impact of climate change and forest fires in the Mediterranean basin towards the end of this month (14); and the West Coast Region Anti-Bush Fire Committee has embarked on a campaign to reduce wildfires in the African nation of Gambia (15). The benefits of preparing for Australian bushfires is touted by Victoria's CFA Community Fireguard groups in the next article (16); something Country Fire Authority hopes the folks in Macedon will take note of (17). The Australian Early Warning Network issued high bushfire danger alerts for parts of Queensland (18); and as temperatures soar in Brisbane, fire officials are on the lookout for bushfires (19). A bushfire in a nearby national park forced evacuation of 100 homes in southwest Sydney, New South Wales, last night (20); even as Erickson Air-Crane helicopters swung into action battling a bushfire near Munmorah Power Station (21); and other firefighting helicopters were standing by elsewhere in the state (22); while Forests NSW warned forest visitors to be careful about the fire danger (23); all of which may finally shock citizens out of their bushfire complacency (24). ESRI Australia discusses how South Australia’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources is using GIS technology in its fire management plan (25); while a 286,000-hectare bushfire is still burning in the northern part of Western Australia (26). And finally, despite having extinguished the Bastrop County wildfires, secured FEMA funding, and fought their way through bureaucratic red tape to begin cleanup, Texas officials now face a new challenge: the Houston toad!

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