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Saturday, March 23, 2013


In a followup to yesterday's story about two control tower closures slated for Southern California air-tanker bases, our first article today provides an update on federal plans to close the tower at another major base in Ramona (1); while Wildfire NOTD subscriber Dan Ware, Fire Prevention and Outreach Program Manager for New Mexico State Forestry, reports on a wildfire near Chimayo in the next item (2). Wildfire NOTD subscriber David Cant, a Sales Rep for Australia-based BlazeTamer380, sent along a link to an article he wrote in which he discusses low-cost alternatives to USFS heavy air-tankers in states like Colorado that he used as Aviation Services Manager for South Australia's Country Fire Service (3); while the Agriculture Secretary assured Senator Udall that seven "next generation" heavy air-tankers were on their way (4); but a woman who suffered losses in the Waldo Canyon Fire is suing her insurance company because she was left without enough insurance coverage to rebuild her home (5). Although firefighters have been able to keep ahead of 57 wildfires that have cropped up in Rusk County, Texas, so far this month, they warned that worse is to come (6); that sentiment confirmed by a map associated with the next article which shows how extensive the drought is across the state (7). A wildfire season community briefing is being planned in Yankton, South Dakota, next Tuesday (8). Lessons learned from the massive wildfire that leveled over 100 condominiums in Horry County, South Carolina, were discussed at a meeting of the Carolina Forest Civic Association this past week (9); and recently-released 911 tapes showed some of the confusion faced by dispatchers the night of the fire (10); but in the meantime, donations for survivors who lost everything continue to pour in (11); and there's more to come at a fundraiser Sunday (12). As pine mountain beetles make their inexorable march across Canada, 1/5 of British Columbia's forests are now at risk from wildfires, putting the province's forestry industry in jeopardy (13); while a BBC video details how firefighters in Brazil battle wildfires in the Amazon rainforests (14). A forest fire is being blamed for nearly three dozen deaths in a nearby refugee camp in Thailand's Mae Hong Son province (15); and a firefighter was killed when his fire truck tumbled into a canyon while heading for that fire (16). Heading to Australia, patches of a bushfire that destroyed more than 100 homes in Tasmania, burning since January 3rd, were finally extinguished by rain (17). And finally, a Patrick Air Force Base firefighter scored a "Hometown Hero" ride with the world famous Thunderbirds!

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(18) Patrick AFB firefighter gets ride of his life with Thunderbirds

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