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Saturday, February 14, 2009


First up in wildfire news today, the people who accidentally started the Tea Fire got off with a misdemeanor for trespassing instead of arson, while five small wildfires in Florida scorched some acreage yesterday and today. As two small wildfires broke out in North Carolina late in the week, firefighting was becoming a hot job in a bad economy, as evidenced by the turnout for 50 positions in Charlotte. The next article gives some background on the ups and downs of salvage logging in Montana, and in the midst of the Australian bushfires, little notice has been given to forest fires in China that have blackened nearly 10,000 acres and killed four people. Heading to Australia next, the weather continued to cooperate, as over 3,000 firefighters tackled a dozen blazes still burning in Australia, detailed by the next two articles. As is often the case with arson, prosecutors may have a difficult time making charges stick to suspects arrested so far, and in another example of one segment of society taking joy in another's troubles, Islamic militants rejoiced at Australia's bushfire disaster. A compendium of information is provided in the next article for survivors of the bushfires. Devil-may-care Aussies who eagerly practiced 'stay and defend' got more than they bargained for this time, as the next article shows, but Forest Fire Victoria, an outspoken group of experts from Australia, is incensed with the state's Environment Minister for not being prepared for the bushfires. In a nice change for bushfire-hit Australia, the public outpouring of humanitarian aid for farm animals is overwhelming local police, while many organizations are pitching in to help bushfire survivors, including the Australian golfing establishment. And finally, a small kindness is rewarded, as the firefighter who offered a drink to an injured Koala was given a 'Hero to Animals Award' by PETA.

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