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Friday, October 07, 2011


Although early October storms in California have diminished the wildfire threat in the San Francisco Bay Area, CAL FIRE is warning residents that a few days of dry, windy air can completely change the equation (1); those same rains allowing Mendocino National Forest officials to lift fire restrictions (2). Firefighters quickly knocked down a wind-driven wildfire near Oklahoma City's Will Rogers World Airport (3). Texas Gov. Rick Perry has invoked some tax exemptions for residents of that state impacted by wildfires (4); and other benefits are available to livestock operations to help with the feeding of their charges (5); but in addition to the damage done to real estate in Bastrop County by wildfires, 1.5 million trees were also destroyed (6); while firefighters continue to monitor a five-acre wildfire which flared up in a Houston suburb (7); residents of Magnolia beginning the arduous process of cleaning up after wildfires that destroyed dozens of homes (8); however, residents of Northeast Texas have received $873,201 in grants from FEMA to cover wildfire damage done to their property (9). A summary of wildfire activity in Wyoming is up next (10); but wildfires are still causing problems for people in North and South Dakota (11). Another pair of wind-driven wildfires erupted in Nebraska, where a 20,000+ acre wildfire did considerable damage earlier in the week (12). Although the 93,000-acre wildfire burning in Minnesota's Superior National Forest is considered 71% contained, a portion of that fire breached containment lines yesterday (13); while a 30,000-acre wildfire is burning in Northwest Minnesota (14). A 12-acre wildfire was reported in Michigan's Marquette County (15); and a Department of Natural Resources and Environment fire prevention specialist identified the three main causes of wildfires: men, women, and children! (16) Fire officials from Missouri's Ozark Fire Protection District provided some tips to homeowners to help them avoid wildfires during the fall (17); with burn bans being imposed in other parts of that state as well (18). Kentucky Division of Forestry reminded homeowners that the next few weeks constitute the fall portion of the Kentucky Forest Fire Hazard Season (19); while a small wildfire was reported behind an elementary school in Shreveport, Louisiana, yesterday (20). Despite tropical storms and the best efforts of firefighters, Virginia's 6,300-acre Great Dismal Swamp wildfire continues to burn two months later (21); but as North Carolina observes Fire Prevention Week next week, fire officials will remind people that humans cause nine out of ten wildfires (22). An 1,100-acre wildfire that burned on the grounds of the Army's Pohakuloa Training Area in Hawaii has been contained (23); while Canadian firefighters grappled with a wildfire burning in Manitoba's Riding Mountain National Park (24). In Southern Europe, wildfires were reported in Portugal and Macedonia (25); the next item providing some photos from the wildfires in Portugal (26); but firefighters in Russia's Far East have managed to whittle down the wildfires so that only two remain (27). A college student was killed when he was overrun by a wildfire burning in India's Sungankadai forest (28). Heading to Australia, a Black Saturday class-action suit filed by farmers in Victoria is wrapping up after five weeks of testimony (29); while Victoria's Deputy Premier continues to race against the clock to get bushfire refuges in place in some of the more dangerous parts of that state (30). Residents of Central Queensland were reminded of the current bushfire threat by Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (31); the next article taking a look at the impact carbon dioxide given off by bushfires in the Northern Territory is estimated to have on that country's carbon count (32). A man who falsely claimed $5,500 for supposedly suffering losses from Victoria's Black Saturday bushfires is in custody in South Australia (33). And finally, two CL-415 pilots from Ontario, Canada, are keeping firefighting in the family!

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