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Friday, October 10, 2008


San Diego (and the rest of Southern California) is bracing for the advent of the Santa Anas this weekend, as shown by the first article, submitted by San Diego FD Deputy Chief Brian Fennessy. The trio of fires at Camp Pendleton are surrounded and nearly extinguished ahead of the winds, but fire agencies across the region are on high alert and Cal Fire is taking no chances, having already opened a dialogue with military planners in case military aircraft are needed in the fight. Even the governor is warning Californians up and down the state of the danger from tinder-dry vegetation and low humidity, coupled with the winds. The Martin Mars will be arriving back at Lake Elsinore on Saturday, from which they operated so effectively last October (for photos and video of the Mars at Lake Elsinore last year, including some exclusive interior footage, go to Firebomber Publications and scroll down to the middle of the webpage). Fire agencies in Ventura County are also watching and waiting. Cal Fire is taking no chances up at Oroville, where a red-flag day has already been declared, and where they pounced on some small fires with speed. The Chalk Fire, which has cost over $13 million, is expected to be contained 10/17 (hopefully the winds don't change that estimate), while rangers in Sequoia plan controlled burns to prevent more wildfire damage in that area. Virginia, reeling from what has already been a bad fire season, is bracing for the official start of forest fire season next week, and 121 days later, the longest wildfire in Virginia's history has finally been declared extinguished at a cost of $11 million. In a study in contrasts, fire officials in Central Texas are concerned about the fire danger in their drought-stricken area, while Kentucky firefighters are breathing a sigh of relief due to rain dampening the forest fire they have been fighting. Colorado residents had to be evacuated as a late-season wildfire threatened their homes, but firefighters in Idaho are musing over how quiet their fire season was this year. On the international scene, Canadian Forest Service officials are concerned that their forest fires could effectively double in the future, especially in the Canadian Rockies, while the cost of veldt fires in southern Africa is still being tallied.

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