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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


In wildfire news today, a study done by several organizations, including UC San Diego and Scripps Institute, discusses the potential impact of climate change on Southern California in regards to wildfires; followed by a segment from KPBS San Diego about the study's findings. Along the same lines, an Op-Ed piece from American Chronicle discusses climate change as it relates to wildfires worldwide; and, as fire season nears, the folks who staff Fire Lookout Towers in the San Bernardino National Forest are looking for volunteers. A photo from a California newspaper displays a trio of firefighting helicopters in action. Firefighters in Scottsdale, Arizona, provide tips to homeowners about preventing wildfires as they head into the peak of the season there; while downed power lines are being blamed for the 238 Fire that burned 9,000 acres in neighboring New Mexico. Texas Forest Service is gearing up for a fight, with the inclusion of SEATs aircraft at Midland airport for the first time; but firefighters in Missouri had a 15-acre forest fire to deal with in their neck of the woods. North Carolina firefighters considered themselves lucky that three wildfires in a wildlife refuge were quickly extinguished; and another warning was sent out from Florida forestry officials about the wildfire season in that state through June. Firefighters in the UK evidently have an arsonist on their hands, as forest fires keep breaking out in the same area. The memorial service at Westminster Abbey brought support from the presiding bishop for the Prime Minister of Australia's efforts to put climate change in the spotlight; and Queen Elizabeth II said that she had been appalled about the Black Saturday bushfires and still worried about survivors of the catastrophe. Wildfires in India's Chamoli district are destroying crops and driving out wildlife; and unusually dry conditions in the Himalayan nation of Nepal have climatologists worried that global warming may be causing worsening wildfires there. South Australia's Bushfire Commission has created reports on bushfires in the Eyre Peninsula region; while the Phoenix taskforce is hot on the trail of the arsonist who lit some of the devastating Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria. Doing an 'end run' around a governmental roadblock, officials were able to provide much-needed provender to livestock in bushfire-ravaged areas in Victoria state. And finally, Los Angeles City Fire Department is unveiling what is billed as the world's largest firefighting helicopter - legitimate news story or April Fool's Day joke? You be the judge!

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