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Thursday, February 25, 2010


The issue of the consequences from the US Forest Service response to the Station Fire is revisited in our first wildfire-related article today (1); while the American Association for the Advancement of Science conference that met in San Diego on 2/19 focused on the environmental impact of wildfires worldwide (2). The El Dorado County Fire Safe Council is urging residents of one California community to have fallen trees and other storm debris removed to diminish the fire hazard (3); and residents of Prescott, Arizona, will be informed tonight of the extreme fire danger from nearby forest which has become too dense (4). An Op-Ed piece from Michigan reflects on the consequences of a wildfire started by a train (5); while a leading expert on wildfires will be the keynote speaker at a symposium at Penn State University on fires east of the Mississippi on April 1st (6). A resident of Louisiana accused of setting wildfires that destroyed 179 acres of timber in 2008 could receive a sentence of up to 15 years in prison (7). Forecasters in Birmingham, Alabama, are warning of increased wildfire danger today in that area (8); and cold, dry air is also prompting a Red Flag warning for Central Florida (9). An article from the Caribbean island of St. Vincent outlines the danger from wildfires faced by islands throughout that region (10). A massive bushfire that has been racing through forests on New Zealand's Otago Peninsula is finally abating slightly as temperatures cool (11); but it appears that an arsonist may now be at work nearby (12). Australians living in Victoria's Yarra Valley have been advised of controlled burns in the area producing smoke today (13); while the Victoria Farmers Federation indicated in testimony before the Royal Bushfire Commission that vegetation along roadways was a serious bushfire hazard (14). Although Castlemaine is listed as one of the 52 towns in Victoria most endangered by bushfires, they have decided not to designate a pair of schools as bushfire refuges (15); but sports teams will put on a charity match to provide funds for a Black Saturday survivor who lost her family in the blaze (16). The site of yesterday's bushfire in Kwinana, Western Australia, is being closely watched for flareups (17). And finally, firefighters in Ohio can add a moo-ving new talent to their repertoire: rescuing freezing cows!

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