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Monday, August 01, 2011


Two items authored by Wildfire NOTD subscriber John Keeley, a Research Ecologist with US Geological Survey's Western Ecological Research Center, regarding the impact of wildfires on invasive plant species in California lead off the news today (1)(2); followed by an article that takes a look at the wildfire danger in Southern California's Santa Clarita Valley, with comments by Wildfire NOTD subscriber Bill Niccum, Assistant Fire Chief at Los Angeles County Fire Department (3); and a post-fire study on the importance of fuel treatments in diminishing the impact of Arizona's Wallow Fire on homes in its path, sent along by Wildfire NOTD subscriber Peter Brierty, Assistant Chief & Fire Marshal at San Bernardino County Fire Department (4). Three small wildfires were sparked in Southern California's San Bernardino National Forest by lightning over the weekend (5); while the benefits to the environment offered by San Diego County's Eagle Fire, which burned 14,100 acres in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, are examined by the next article (6); but although the wildfire season in the Sierra Nevadas is expected to be below normal, fire crews are on the alert nonetheless (7); followed by an article that takes a look at the contributions made by inmate firefighters battling California's wildfires (8); something which could assume greater importance as a cautionary tale about how a 133-acre wildfire last month shows that CAL FIRE's crew reductions, forced by budgetary shortfalls, could lead to worse wildfires (9). Quick work by air-tankers is being credited for knocking down a 75-acre wildfire that burned on Nevada's Peavine Mountain (10); but a 600-acre wildfire burning in rugged terrain near Reno is only 40% contained (11). Arizona's governor met with 300 members of the Cattlemen's Association to discuss better wildfire prevention on forest land (12); while an article from New Mexico takes a look at the causes of wildfires in that state (13). US Forest Service has reopened a recreational area in Colorado's Roosevelt National Forest one month after a wildfire burned through the area (14); and Bureau of Land Management officials indicated that lightning strikes probably sparked an 1,100-acre wildfire burning in Twin Falls County, Idaho (15). Texas Forest Service indicated that an 1,855-acre wildfire burning near Alpine was now 70% contained (16); while cautioning people in areas visited by recent rainfall that the fire danger still persists (17). Firefighters reached 80% containment of an eight-acre wildfire burning in Powell County, Montana (18); even as Wyoming health officials warned people with respiratory problems about the dangers posed by wildfire smoke from nearby fires (19). The dangerous trend of larger and larger wildfires threatening housing developments all across the Western United States is discussed in the next item (20). Despite the fact that crews had brought containment to 100% on a 60-acre wildfire burning in Marquette County, Michigan, there was still a lot of mop up to be done (21); while the next article takes a look at the New Jersey Forest Fire Service, which fights upwards of 1,500 wildfires per year (22). An abandoned campfire was blamed for a 20-acre wildfire on an island in Lake Hartwell, according to South Carolina Forestry Commission (23); but despite the fact that fireworks sparked a 1400-acre wildfire in Horry County the Forestry Commission is not recommending that they be banned (24). As rains subsided in Florida, two wildfires were reported in Collier County over the weekend (25). Heading to Canada, British Columbia's Southeast Fire District reported only 30 fires since April versus 117 during the same period last year (26); but things are heating up again in Northeast Ontario, where 13 new fire starts were added to the existing 118 wildfires currently burning in that province (27). Wildfires in the Mediterranean Basin were reported in Portugal, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, and Algeria (28); and firefighters in Russia grappled with nearly 3 dozen wildfires as their Emergency Ministry reported that a total of 16,467 fires have burned so far this year (29). After finding out that the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund spent $80 million repairing infrastructure destroyed in the Black Saturday bushfires, Australians who are still homeless after the 2009 bushfires were outraged (30); while New South Wales' Rural Fire Service warned landowners about the hazards posed by debris burns on their property (31). And finally, firefighters in Texas had a tricky extrication process to perform: removing a woman's arm from an aggressive boa constrictor that had tried to swallow it!

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