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Thursday, August 04, 2011


Firefighters in Southern California's Inland Empire have brought a 33-acre wildfire under control near Banning (1); while Cal Poly San Luis Obispo won a $940,571 grant to study better methods of fighting wildfires that encroach on urban areas (2); and Kern County Fire Department reported that a wildfire burned 60 to 70 acres near Walker Pass yesterday (3); several fires being reported in the McKittrick area as well (4); a 36-acre wildfire being reported in Santa Clara County (5); and CAL FIRE also deployed 450 firefighters, 35 engines, nine air tankers, three helicopters, six dozers and seven water tenders to battle an 800-acre wildfire burning in Mendocino County (6). Firefighters in Oregon are making progress on a 3,000-acre blaze burning near Madras (7); while the next article takes a look at the proposed $150 wildfire tax the California governor plans to impose on homeowners in rural areas, with comparisons to similar taxes in the states of Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington (8). U.S. Forest Service is proceeding with plans to rehabilitate Arizona's Wallow Fire burn areas (9); and wildfire activity in Idaho is the topic of the next article (10). A 200-acre wildfire southeast of Oklahoma City destroyed several vehicles and a trailer home (11); while triple-digit temperatures made life difficult for firefighters battling two wildfires near Ada (12). FEMA offered wildfire tips to homeowners in Texas in the next item (13); where firefighting is becoming a multi-state affair, as firefighters from Idaho, Mississippi, California, Montana, South Dakota and Alaska helped out with a blaze in Polk County (14). A firefighting helicopter from the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation was forced to make an emergency landing on a highway when it developed mechanical problems while battling a blaze in the Blackfoot River Valley (15). A 40-acre wildfire near Missouri's Neosho Hugh Robinson Airport destroyed several salvage vehicles nearby (16); but firefighters in Arkansas were unable to save the historic Fort Chaffee hospital complex from a wildfire (17). The Mississippi Forest Fire Department published a wildfire report for the months of May and June (18); while Pennsylvania's Department of Conservation and Natural Resources will distribute $669,000 in federal grants to rural fire departments to help with wildfire activity (19); and firefighters knocked down a 31-acre wildfire near Durham, North Carolina (20). Another day, another wildfire on a nuclear reservation, this time the Savannah River Site in South Carolina (21); even as Florida firefighters fought to contain a 12,000-acre wildfire burning in Everglades National Park (22). Heading to Canada, the fire danger in British Columbia's Capital Region is the focus of the next item (23); while the Alberta provincial government will provide an additional $189 million to Slave Lake, where some 2,000 residents lost their homes (24); and Manitoba is expanding its fire ban to some of the parks across that province (25); but as Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources kept an eye on wildfires still burning there, the last 600 evacuees were able to head home (26); and a score of new wildfires were reported in Northwest Ontario, where 120 blazes were already present (27); but it's been a quiet wildfire season in New Brunswick, allowing nearly 3 dozen firefighters to assist with wildfires in Ontario (28). The next article takes a look at the European Fire Paradox, a program which aims to use simulations to study the beneficial aspects of wildfires (29); followed by an update on wildfire activity in Portugal, Italy, and Albania (30); and although firefighters in the Russian Far East snuffed a baker's dozen of wildfires, 10 are still burning (31). In Israel, a suspicious wildfire was set in Jerusalem's Peace Forest (32). With heavy fuel offering perfect fire conditions for Australia's bushfires this summer, Queensland Fire and Rescue Service is warning homeowners of the danger (33); but some residents wrongly believed that they needed to evacuate their homes during a wildfire outside of Gladstone yesterday (34). And finally, a Milwaukee Fire Department firefighter who saved five people trapped by flames in a basement, will get a once-in-a-lifetime treat: flying with the world-famous US Air Force Thunderbirds!

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(35) Firefighter Who Saved Five Will Ride With Air Force

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