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Thursday, May 28, 2009


First up in wildfire news today, they're dropping like flies: San Diego's Fire Chief, Tracy Jarman, has decided to call it quits after three years as chief; and so did Los Angeles City Fire Department's Chief Barry! In a major policy shift, Southern California fire agencies are advocating evacuation versus 'stay and defend' for residents in the path of a wildfire. The wildfires in Riverside County have been contained; but a battle over the cost-effectiveness of Orange County's reserve firefighters is underway. And speaking of battles, the debate over the status of Santa Maria Air Attack Base in the aftermath of the Jesusita Fire is still ongoing. A small wildfire in Antioch, California, was causing some road visibility problems; and forecasters are estimating that Oregon may have more wildfires than usual this year. A wildfire in northeastern Washington state has been contained; Washington State Department of Transportation provided some tips for pilots as wildfire season gets underway; but there's a bit of a row over a King Air plane used on fires. A small wildfire was quickly doused by firefighters in Reno, Nevada; but an Arizona man who started an 800-acre wildfire by burning debris will be put on trial in October. A small wildfire in Arizona was quickly roped in by air-tankers and firefighters on the ground; while Utah fire agencies provide some tips for protecting your home from wildfires in the next item. Bureau of Land Management is planning to expand their digs in Billings, Montana. An arsonist in Kentucky was billed for the cost of fire suppression: $141,000. A small wildfire was sparked by a careless boater's campfire in Massachusetts; and cabin protection in the face of an advancing wildfire in Alaska is underway, with no evacuations ordered as of yet. A new chapter began in the tug-of-war over road building in trackless wilderness areas of the US, as the next article details. Three fire-related articles come to us from British Columbia, Canada, today. Several forest fires in Russia have burned over 10,000 acres; and the Pacific island nation of Brunei has seen a rash of human-caused wildfires so far this season. A wildlife sanctuary in India that has been ravaged by wildfires will be examined for damage in a few weeks; as Indian fire agencies wait for the onset of the rains of the monsoon season, a tally of fires to date is provided; and as if dealing with exploding land mines caused by a forest fire along the India-Pakistan border weren't enough, now locals also have wildlife, including leopards, to deal with! NASA satellites have detected a lingering Australian bushfire smoke cloud hanging over Antarctica. A fairly light fine was charged against an Australian man lighting arson fires in the New Territories. More detailed information of Black Saturday fatalities is chronicled in a new report. Members of Country Fire Authority were hobbled warning residents in the path of oncoming bushfires due to apparent command structure problems; although the local power company apparently did receive a warning.

Fire chief announces she plans to retire

Los Angeles Fire Department chief announces retirement

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Some volunteer firefighters may lose their engines

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BLM plans to expand firefighting facilities

Perry County man fined $141,000 in Boone Forest fire

Brush fire scorches forest near Quabbin Reservoir as Easthampton man, 2 sons start camp fire after swamping boat

Wildfire near McGrath grows to 21,760 acres

Agriculture Secretary to Personally Approve Projects in 'Roadless' Areas

100 personnel fighting Redstone fire

$10,000 worth of damage after Black Mountain bush fire

Air tankers help fight small fire near local river

Five forest fires in Buryatia rated as emergencies

Forest Fires Rage In Belait

Dalma survey to assess fire damage - Forest department team to begin exercise in second week of July

HP hot summer forest fires destroy 7,900 hectares

Wild animals migrate to villages after forest fire on LoC in Poonch

Bushfire aftermath: smoke trapped over Antarctica

Firebug 'flicked lights into bush'

113 died in houses on Black Saturday

CFA control structure prevented earlier warnings of Kinglake fire: commission told

Power company warned of fire threat but not residents

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