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Friday, August 06, 2010


Senators Feinstein and Boxer, along with the four Southern California Congressmen who planned to preside over the postponed Station Fire hearing, are calling for a detailed GAO probe of the fire, while the US Forest Service is banning recording of dispatch calls until further notice (1); while San Bernardino County firefighters had to deal with a 15-20 acre wildfire that claimed a mobile home yesterday in Morongo Valley (2). Lightning has sparked a number of wildfires across Lassen County (3); and firefighters also grappled with two fast-moving wildfires in Redding (4). The Central Oregon Incident Management Team indicated that fire lines are holding on a 6,000-acre blaze burning near Sisters (5); and Washington State's Department of Natural Resources has reported a lightning-sparked wildfire in Stevens County (6). Firefighters in Nevada have managed to rope in a small wildfire burning in Indian Hills (7); while several wildfires have scorched miles of southern Idaho (8). On the 100th anniversary of the so-called 'Big Burn', which scorched 3,000,000 acres in Idaho and Montana in 1910, an article takes a look at how it changed America (9). A small, lightning-sparked wildfire was reported in South Dakota's Black Hills National Forest (10); even as the heat wave in Arkansas and Oklahoma continues to spark a number of wildfires in both states (11). Firefighters from across Canada and the US are streaming to British Columbia to help battle hundreds of wildfires burning there (12); while Canadian investigators have completed their on-site investigation of an air-tanker crash that claimed the lives of two pilots (13). The capital of Alberta is getting smoky skies from wildfires burning in that province (14); but the Canadian nuclear safety committee is concerned about wildfires burning in Saskatchewan near uranium mines (15). A Baker's Dozen of new wildfires was reported in Portugal, and another was spotted in Algeria (16). Ukraine's firefighting detachment has seen some action battling Russian wildfires (17); even as over 800 wildfires are still burning in western and central Russia, leaving 3,000 families homeless and threatening Moscow's Nuclear Missile Defense Center (18); causing visibility problems for that city's airports (19); but not threatening the Russian capital directly at this time (20). Russian officials are fearful of a new threat from the wildfires raging through the Bryansk region contaminated with radioactive debris from the Chernobyl accident (21); while the Turks have offered their condolences, as well as firefighters and equipment (22); and for any wildfires that get close to railroad tracks, 300 specially-equipped firefighting trains can be employed (23). Although much of the press for Russia's wildfires focuses on European Russia, the next article takes a look at wildfires burning in the Far East (24). The Royal Bushfire Commission chairman reiterated his stance on Australia's long time 'stay or go' policy (25); but even though it's been a year and a half since the Black Saturday bushfires, only 14% of the homes destroyed have been rebuilt (26). A meeting in Bendigo provided a venue for discussing the Royal Bushfire Commission report (27); but one in Ballarat left some questions unanswered (28). And finally, with Christmas fast approaching, here is a futuristic firefighting backpack every firefighter should have!

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