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Thursday, March 08, 2012


The impact of the reduced heavy air-tanker fleet on Southern California, as revealed by US Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell in a presentation to the US Senate yesterday, is analyzed by our first article today (1); the current situation making Air National Guard firefighting aircraft even more important for the region (2); while San Diego Gas & Electric is under the microscope again in regards to budget cuts to powerline maintenance prior to the wildfires of 2007 which killed two people and destroyed 1,300 homes (3). A five-acre wildfire destroyed several structures near Tucson, Arizona, yesterday (4). Six months after devastating wildfires burned 4 million acres statewide, residents of East Texas are being cautioned about the danger of winter wildfires (5); while FEMA reminded wildfire survivors that their phone lines are still open (6). Although 15 counties in Arkansas are under a burn ban, another thousand acres went up in smoke (7); and a 2,000-acre wildfire burning along the Tennessee/Georgia state line appears to have been deliberately set (8). Wildfires in Missouri's Dallas and Laclede counties scorched thousands of acres (9). The New Jersey State Forest Fire Service reported a pair of wildfires on Wednesday as it remains on high alert (10); while the importance of fire lookout towers to help them spot wildfires is examined by the following article (11). North Carolina Forest Service's Landowner Hazard Reduction Burning Program is the topic of the next item (12); and Fort Benning, Georgia, plans to conduct controlled burns on 30,000 acres to improve the habitat while also reducing the danger of wildfires (13). Firefighters were able to bring a 150-acre wildfire in Clay County, Florida, to 75% containment (14); while firefighters are investigating a pair of wildfires which closed Interstate 10 near Pensacola (15); fortunately, a bald eagle nest in the midst of the fire was spared after delicate work by firefighters putting out the blaze (16). Wildfires burned 500 ha in two Indian nature preserves (17); but the hunt is on for wildfire arsonists in Thailand as that Southeast Asian nation continues to suffer from excessive air pollution caused by the blazes (18). A new study from Victoria, Australia, shows that bushfires and elevated violence against women seem to go together (19). And finally, meet the latest firefighting technology: a robot who can throw extinguisher grenades!

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