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Wednesday, July 07, 2010


We begin Wildfire News Of The Day in Southern California, where a small, four-acre wildfire outside of LA was quickly knocked down by firefighters yesterday (1); while a 3-acre blaze in Kern County was dealt with by US Forest Service (2); but firefighters in the Tahoe National Forest dodged a bullet when dozens of lightning strikes apparently sparked no major wildfires (3). The Oregon Department of Forestry reported a small wildfire near McMinnville (4); while elsewhere in that state, an 11-acre wildfire sparked by a house fire has been corralled (5). Burn Area Emergency Recovery (BAER) teams are already at work in Arizona's Coconino National Forest trying to repair some of the damage done by the Shultz fire (6); followed by a situation report on the Coronado National Forest, where some wildfires have been contained, but others continue to burn (7); while a tour of the Tonto National Forest revealed the extreme danger for that area from wildfires (8). With half of New Mexico's large fires having been caused by humans so far this year, the next article provides tips on how to avoid accidentally sparking one (9); and although much of Texas has enjoyed an abundance of rain, officials are reminding residents of the need to be Firewise nonetheless (10). Firefighters in Alabama had a 3-acre wildfire to deal with yesterday (11). A 6-acre wildfire on New Hampshire's Mount Major kept firefighters busy for a while (12); and another blaze ended up sending a firefighter to the hospital (13). As with other eastern states, Connecticut's Department of Environmental Protection is warning about the extreme fire danger (14). In the wake of a weekend wildfire in Myles Standish State Forest, officials in Massachusetts have imposed campfire restrictions (15); as a number of wildfires have broken out across the state (16); and at one in Franklin, firefighters had to battle not only the wildfire, but the scorching heat! (17) A 2-acre wildfire on New Jersey's Garden State Parkway caused an 11-mile backup of traffic (18). A wildfire in North Carolina's Cleveland County blazed across 100 acres (19); while firefighters in South Carolina had a 15-acre blaze to attend to (20). Sebring, Florida, has drafted a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (21). As summer temperatures begin to climb, residents of British Columbia, Canada, are provided with some tips on how to minimize wildfire danger (22); even as dozens of lightning-sparked wildfires have been reported in Manitoba (23). Some new fires were reported in Ontario province, according to the next article (24); where two 11-year-olds were arrested for setting a wildfire (25). Heading to New Zealand, the fire danger to a nature preserve outside of Wairarapa's Rural Fire District has some people worried for the safety of the nature park (26); while money received for recycling scrap metal from areas scorched by Australia's Black Saturday bushfires is returning to help rebuild the Victorian communities from which it was taken (27). Due to the destruction of some stands of timber in the Black Saturday bushfires, VicForests may be granted permission to resume logging in Wombat Forest (28); but as part of the bushfire youth recovery program, some school kids were treated to a day in the snow (29). The next article, from New South Wales, counsels burning off hazardous vegetation before the bushfire season arrives (30); while one community in that state will be getting a revised bushfire plan (31). And finally, firefighters in the UK not only had to battle a couple of wildfires, but they also had to perform some cattle herding to boot!

(1) Firefighters contain LA brush fire

(2) Sierra Fire held to three acres

(3) Lightning strikes region 74 times; no major wildfires reported

(4) Small forest fire burning near McMinnville

(5) House fire sparks 11-acre wildfire near Eagle Point

(6) Meeting will discuss stabilizing fire site with hay, landscaping

(7) Latest updates on fires in Coronado National Forest

(8) Forest tour reveals gains and dangers

(9) Dry conditions help spark new fires in Gila

(10) Be Firewise Now Before It's Too Late

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(15) Brush fire prompts campfire restrictions in state forest

(16) Massive Holden brush fire contained

(17) Firefighters douse brush fire in Franklin

(18) Brush fire on Garden State Parkway in Wall Township is extinguished

(19) Wildfire Burns Almost 100 Acres In Cleveland County

(20) Laurens County Wildfire Contained

(21) County adopts wildfire plan

(22) Forest fires possible but preventable

(23) 74 forest fires burning in Manitoba

(24) More new forest fires reported

(25) Two boys responsible for Mattawa bush fire

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(27) Steel Recycling Helps Bushfire Communities Recover

(28) Fears logging will resume in Wombat Forest

(29) Winter treat for bushfire kids

(30) Burn it off now, for safety's sake

(31) Bombala bushfire plan underway

(32) Cows saved as firefighters tackle two forest fires

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