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Saturday, March 14, 2009


First up in wildfire news today, the bean-counters in Sacramento have once again taken aim at CAL FIRE's resources, as reported by Rich Brooks in another insightful article: for the executive summary with CAL FIRE cuts, go to the bottom of page 3 (has anyone ever done a study of how much we could save by cutting the bean-counter's budget?) The USFS plans to spend millions in Arizona to thin a couple thousand acres of forest; and fire agencies in northern Idaho estimate they will be able to create over 50 new fire-related jobs soon. Firefighters in Utah are implementing controlled burns near residential areas to build up defensible space for the coming fire season; but Arkansas wildfires have kept fire agencies hopping in that state. Great Balls of Fire, as New Jersey firefighters drop ping-pong balls on marsh reeds to perform controlled burns. Florida's Ocala National Forest continues to burn; and a wildfire behind Tampa Bay's, Museum of Science and Industry was giving firefighters a workout. With a force of nearly 1,000 wildland firefighters, Costa Rica is performing exercises in order to be prepared for emergencies; but Irish forest owners are being warned of wildfire dangers from now until June. Fires in Sindhupalchowk/Pokhara (try saying that three times quickly!) in Nepal required the attention of police, the military and even an assist from the Chinese military. India remains in wildfire news: lacking the funds to deploy a 100-man Forest Guard group, wildland areas have been burning for over five days there; along with more problems for families in the region as slash-and-burn agriculture does unintended damage. As if Victoria, Australia, didn't have enough problems already, flash floods and rain have caused landslides, in part due to runoff from areas denuded by bushfires. But the rain has provided relief for firefighters: the Victorian environment minister praised firefighters from the US and other Australian states for their 'mighty effort' as they headed home; while convoys of Australian Defence Force members departed the bushfire areas, their job there completed. Nevertheless, the Victorian Emergency Services commissioner informed an audience about the importance of keeping alert to bushfire danger; and a bushfire in West Australia that threatened a rail line has been contained. Hoping to raise $5 million, Australian performers took the stage for a bushfire benefit concert. And finally, firefighters prove to be a dog's best friends!

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