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Friday, January 30, 2009


Since feedback on the new format tried yesterday was mostly negative, today's edition reverts to the old style again.

First up today, a sad bit of news from Chico, California, where Terry Unsworth, CEO of Aero Union and purveyor of several heavy air-tankers in the USFS inventory has died, followed by an article about the controversy over an arson suspect's tattoo. Santa Cruz County is examining costs of firefighting in support of their region, something which has also been a concern among fire agencies in San Diego County. In Florida, fire managers are debating restrictions on fires, and Colorado fire agencies are preparing to burn off slash and debris piles while there's still snow on the ground. A propane farm in Texas was nearly singed by a 40-acre brushfire there. Firefighters in New Zealand's North Island wine country are grappling with a large forest fire on three fronts, while firefighters outside of Melbourne, Australia, are dealing with record heat along with bushfires. As water ran out and power failed in Gippsland in Victoria state, firefighters threw everything they had into the fight against a large bushfire, including nearly 20 aircraft, but firefighters in Tasmania were confident that they have a bushfire they've been fighting for a week with bulldozers and aircraft under control as milder weather sets in. Finally, a troublesome cat in Iowa started a housefire that caused over $10,000 in damage (some might call that a cat-astrophe!)

Aero Union Corp. head Terry Unsworth dies at 55

Jury to see Calif. arson suspect's flame tattoo

Santa Cruz examines firefighting cost

County Plans to Revise Burn Ban Law

Wintertime burns scheduled to stop future wildfires

Wildfire threatens La Grulla residents

'Tinder dry' forest burns

Bushfires, power cuts in heatwave

Bushfire destroys Gippsland homes

Fire crews confident of controlling Rossarden bushfire

Firefighters blame cat for fire

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